Iran News Round Up

The Iran News Round Up ran from February 2009-September 2018. Visit the Iran File for the latest analysis.

A selection of the latest news stories and editorials published in Iranian news outlets, compiled by the AEI Critical Threats Project's Iran research team. To receive this daily newsletter, please subscribe online. 

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  • Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei delivered a speech at Ayatollah Khomeini’s shrine commemorating the 25th anniversary of his death and said:
    • “I will discuss two challenges; our external one is global arrogance. Let’s be honest, these troubles and challenges are due to American meddling…[However] today an American military invasion is not feasible, because of their failures in Iraq and Afghanistan; they are at a disadvantage.”
    • “From the onset [of the Revolution] the enemy has made extensive efforts and the more we advance, their work becomes clearer. They use thousands of TV networks, radio programs, and the internet to curse the Islamic Republic.”
    • “Dear brothers and sisters! Our internal challenges are to deviate from, forget, and lose the spirit and movement of the great Imam’s movement. This is the biggest threat.”
    • “America spies on all of its friends. The Europeans serve the interests of America, but America does not respect theirs. America will do anything against those who do not bow to their rule; however know this, if they don’t attack them it is because they are incapable.”
    • “Today Takfiri groups are working against Islam and Shi’as in certain regions and carrying out evil acts, but they are not the main enemies. The main enemy is the one who provokes them and provides them with money.”


  • President Hassan Rouhani stressed the importance of resistance at Ayatollah Khomeini’s shrine. He also talked about Iran’s nuclear rights and said:
    • “Our foreign policy will seek to manage our nuclear rights as well as breaking the chains of illegal sanctions.”
    • “Undoubtedly, nuclear energy, research and development and regional influence are absolute rights of the Iranian nation.”


  • National Security and Foreign Policy Parliamentary Commission Chairman and MP Alaeddin Boroujerdi addressed the press regarding the impending results of the presidential elections in Syria and said:
    • “The message the elections in Syria will send to America is this, that after today, if you become an enemy of Syria, you will be an enemy of democracy and freedom.” 



  • Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham dismissed reports claiming Kuwait will mediate talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia and said “The issue of mediation has not been on the agenda while exchanges between Iran and Saudi Arabia are underway.”


  • International and Legal Affairs Deputy to the Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi addressed the press following the first day of expert-level nuclear talks in Vienna and said “The goal is to identify solutions that will narrow the diverging views.”




  • Representative of the Supreme Leader in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Hojjat al-Eslam Ali Saidi addressed a gathering in Semnan for the 25th anniversary of Khomeini’s passing: “In the present era, the [2009] sedition and their treason, in reality, was the biggest harm inflicted upon the revolution. They [people] see the surface of the [2009] sedition but do not see behind the scenes, where some planned to eliminate values and achievements of the Islamic Revolution.” 


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