Pakistan Security Brief

Indian forces arrest four in connection with Srinagar attack; AI suicide bombers kill 46 militants; Several dead in Karachi;  IED detonated in Charsadda; IMU spokesperson condemns Afghan war; al Qaeda’s head of media in Pakistan releases lecture;  Workshop of the Granddaughters of Safiya release pamphlets against U.S. drone attacks; SSP releases special issue of English magazine; Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee discusses Pakistan’s national security; Elections to be held on May 11; Imran Khan elected as PTI chairperson.

Domestic Politics

Indo-Pak Relations

  • On Tuesday, Indian police arrested four people in connection with the attack in Srinagar which killed five police officers last week. According to police officials in Indian Kashmir, one of the suspects is a member of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), a Pakistan-based militant group responsible for the 2008 Mumbai attacks.[3]

  • According to Indian media outlets, Pakistan's Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) have been spying on military activity in India near Rajasthan. The drones allegedly fly inside Pakistani airspace near the Indian border and but are reportedly capable of photographing objects as far as 25 to 30 kilometers away.  Indian defense spokesperson Col. Goswami said that if Pakistani drones violate Indian airspace, “suitable action will be taken.” [4]


Militant Communication 

  • On Monday, SITE published a video of Mounir Chouka, a spokesperson for the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), condemning the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan. Chouka spoke about various incidents in Afghanistan that he said represent the arrogance and indecency of the U.S. The video also featured a German woman speaking about the destruction of her home and death of her husband by a U.S. drone attack. She condemned the U.S. as well as the Pakistani government for allowing the U.S. to conduct drone operations in Pakistan.[9]

  • On March 14, SITE released a video of Ustadh Ahmad Farooq, al Qaeda’s head of media in Pakistan, lecturing Muslims to not be lazy in their worship.[10]

  • Sippah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) released a special issue of its English based magazine, "al-Rashideen," on March 12th focusing on the effects of the 1979 Iranian revolution.[11]

National Security

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