Pakistan Security Brief

Pakistani parliament completes first full term in history; Prime Minister Ashraf proposes three interim candidates; India accuses Pakistan of involvement in Srinagar attacks, Pakistan denies; Srinagar under curfew from Kashmiri authorities; Two Czech women kidnapped in Quetta; Body of Indian spy Singh returned to India; Iran-Pakistan pipeline to isolate Pakistan; Three TTP members arrested; Senator Rabbani calls for President Musharraf’s arrest; OPP director killed; Karachi police arrest 23; Targeted violence kills 4 in Karachi; Health workers from bin Laden case reinstated; UNICEF publishes pamphlet on Polio.

Parliament Completes Tenure

Indo-Pak Relations

Former President Musharraf’s Return

  • On Wednesday, Senator Raza Rabbani told congress that former President Pervez Musharraf should be arrested immediately upon arrival if he chooses to return to Pakistan.  Citing the unanimous resolution passed by the Senate in 2012 that demands his arrest, Rabbani said that because Musharraf is a “proclaimed offender in Benazir Bhutto’s murder case,” he should be held to the law.[5]


Health Workers Reinstated

Iran-Pakistan Pipeline

  • According to an article released in The News on Thursday, Pakistan will face global isolation if it continues with the pipeline Presidents Asif Zardari and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad inaugurated on Monday.  Analysis in the Washington Post  on Wednesday suggests that the pipeline is in part Zardari's attempt to add to his legacy and improve public opinion for the Pakistani People's Party (PPP) before the upcoming election.  The News article explained shortfalls in the deal, saying that Pakistan is vulnerable to sanctions from the U.S., as well as pressure from Saudi Arabia, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and other Gulf states.  Citing a trade imbalance of $21.5 billion annually, the article predicts that Pakistan will need another $9 billion loan from the IMF this year, which is subject to significant U.S. influence.  It went on to explain that the $4.75 billion in American aid every year functions as additional pressure against Pakistan.  The article explained how revenue from the pipeline will fall far short of what Pakistan still needs, and that their control over American interests will diminish drastically in 2014, when the majority of U.S. troops will have already withdrawn from Pakistan.[11]


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