Pakistan Security Brief

Taliban in Karachi have widespread influence, directly impact over 1 million people; Indian officials to observe prisoner autopsy; Afghan Peace Council leader calls Pakistan “crucial” for peace process; Afghan government demands Pakistan stops provoking along border; Karzai visits Qatar to meet with Taliban, Taliban denies any meeting; Kayani and Dunford meet to discuss regional stability; Extensive network of gas smuggling from Iran; Men attack school in Karachi; Suicide bomber attacks police in Mardan; TTP militants attack ANP leader’s convoy; Militants attack NATO convoy; Attackers destroy two electricity towers; Militants destroy two cell phone towers; IED injures four security guards; Twenty killed in Karachi violence; Pakistan Army rehabilitation facility graduates thousands of former TTP fighters; Pipeline blast cuts off gas to Karachi; IMF debt puts reserves dangerously low.

Taliban in Karachi

  • On Monday, Dawn published an article detailing the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan’s (TTP) increasing presence and activities in Karachi. The article explains that of the roughly 30 TTP factions spread through Karachi, the Hakimullah Mehsud- and Mullah Fazlullah-led factions are the most influential.  As the TTP moved into Karachi, they pushed the Awami National Party (ANP) “from most of its traditional strongholds.”  While the TTP is suspected to have attacked both the ANP and Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) discretely, they first took responsibility for an attack when they struck “the Business Recorder/Aaj TV offices on 25 June, 2012.” The TTP’s presence in Karachi further increased as they fled military operations in Swat and South Waziristan.  As they moved into Karachi, they organized into factions according to where they had come from; Waziris into Sohrab Goth, and Swat natives into Pathan Colony and Landhi.  TTP influence is so overt in some areas that they openly run offices; one that operates near Karachi;s Masjid-e-Tayyaba goes by the pseudonym “Anti-Crime Control Committee.”  The article alleges the TTP maintains control over the neighborhoods of Pakhtunabad, Gulzarabad, and Sultanabad, all within the larger area of Manghopir.  In Khyber Mohalia, a madrassa hosts Afghan Taliban when they stay in Karachi, and is a hub for Taliban fighters competing for control with local criminal groups.  The article explained that of the 20 million people living in Karachi, roughly one million are directly affected by TTP influence, and the actual numbers of TTP fighters living in individual areas rarely exceeds more than one hundred. 

Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations

  • On Monday, senior Afghan High Peace Council member Abdul Hakim Mujahid said that “Pakistan has a crucial role to play in…peace with the Taliban militia.” The comments are a departure from recent statements from Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister Javed Ludin and Afghan presidential spokesman Aimal Faizi, who said Afghans could achieve peace without Pakistan, and that Pakistan is “sabotaging the peace efforts.” [1]

  • On Monday, the Afghan government “demanded… that Pakistan halt "provocative and unacceptable" activities along their shared border.” The demands came in response to a military check post the Pakistan Army began building last week near the villages of Hatam Kalai and Kodzarai, in Mohmand agency, on the Pakistani side of the Durand Line but close to the border.  The chief Afghan complaint is that construction was not discussed or announced to Afghan authorities prior to commencing, and is the latest in a string of incidents raising tensions between the two countries.  Within the last month, artillery shelling and verbal condemnations from both sides, and a canceled joint military exercise all exemplify high tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan.[2]

Taliban Peace Talks

U.S.-Pakistan Relations

Iran-Pakistan Relations

  • According to a Reuters report, sanctions against Iranian oil have spurred an extensive, and increasing, smuggling network for diesel fuel into Pakistan.   The energy shortage in Pakistan and surplus of Iranian diesel makes smuggling the fuel extremely lucrative, so much so that opium smugglers have switched to trafficking the diesel, which is “safer” and just as profitable. The article explains that despite corruption, often in the form of protection money, the senior customs official in Quetta is planning to build a new “1,000 strong anti-smuggling unit.”  The official did not announce specifics for the new force. [5]


Taliban Rehabilitation Facility

  • On Monday, NPR published a story describing an extensive rehabilitation center in Pakistan’s Swat valley that attempts to re-educate former Taliban members into being productive members of society.  The center takes in captured militants and teaches them vocational skills, like woodwork, electronics, and basic computer work, to prepare them to hold jobs and support families.  Simultaneously, the center teaches that protecting and raising a family is important, that the Taliban’s leaders told them lies and used them to perform illegal “jihads.” The school reports that several thousand men and women have graduated since its opening in 2010, and of those graduates, they claim very few returned to the Taliban. [23]

Indo-Pak Relations

IMF Debt Payments

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