Pakistan Security Brief

U.S. spokeswoman warns Pakistan of sanctions over Iran pipeline; Interior Minister Rehman Malik reports 2,181 terror attacks since 2008; EU observers invited to monitor election; Supreme Court stays LNG contract; ATC grants a four-day restraint on suspects in Joseph Colony riots; Suicide bomber kills two in Bannu; District Election Commissioner for Quetta killed; Rangers arrest 31 in Karachi; Several killed in various violent incidents; Japan sends millions in support of polio campaign.

Iran-Pakistan Pipeline


  • In a written statement submitted to the Senate on Thursday, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that 2,139 people lost their lives in 2,181 terror incidents across Pakistan (excluding Punjab) in the last five years.  Malik then broke down specific numbers for each region, citing the number of attacks, deaths, injuries, total compensation money paid, and the cost of fighting or rebuilding after terrorism.[2]

Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal

  • The Ottawa Citizen published a report on Sunday which states that Pakistan is believed to possess 90 to 110 nuclear weapons. The report states that while Pakistan’s reasons for expanding its nuclear arsenal are unclear, it considers a “minimum credible deterrent” necessary to dissuade potential Indian military action against it. According the report, India currently has between 60 to 80 nuclear warheads.[3] 

Christian Community Riots

  • On Monday, police officials asked the Anti-Terrorism Court to grant a 14 day physical restraint for 14 suspects in the Joseph Colony riots in which thousands of rioters burned at least 150 houses of a Christian community. The ATC granted police officials a four-day restraint to produce an investigation report.[4]

Karachi Operation

  • On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Sindh Rangers said during a press briefing that the Rangers personnel have apprehended at least 460 suspects in connection with targeted killings over the last three months in Karachi. Sindh Rangers launched targeted operations in response to an explosion which killed 2 people in Landhi on Monday and arrested 31 suspects as well as recovered several weapons and ammunition.[5]



LNG Contract

Anti-polio Campaign

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