Iran News Round Up

The Iran News Round Up ran from February 2009-September 2018. Visit the Iran File for the latest analysis.

A selection of the latest news stories and editorials published in Iranian news outlets, compiled by the AEI Critical Threats Project's Iran research team. To receive this daily newsletter, please subscribe online. 

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  • Basij Commander IRGC Brig. Gen. Mohammad Reza Naghdi addressed the Tehran Municipality Basij Organization, claiming that “America is pursuing methods to loot Iran’s blocked assets”:
    • “The primary and most widespread cultural attack of the enemy is in Tehran…”
    • “There are two important battlefields in the Revolution today: one is the enemy’s heavy attacks against the Iranian nation and the other is the effort to establish an Islamic model for the world.”
    • “The enemy targets the economy and culture of the Islamic Republic. They have launched an unprecedented attack, using over 162 satellite networks that aim to destroy the fabric and faith of the nation and provide programs for all ages and social groups, which shows the magnitude of this assault.”
    • “The activities of the American takfiri puppet groups are evident in Iraq; [America] seeks to create chaos and civil war in Iraq.”


  • National Security and Foreign Policy Parliamentary Commission Chairman MP Alaeddin Boroujerdi reiterated the Supreme Leader’s redline of securing Iran’s nuclear rights:
    • “If the P5+1 does not accept our needs such as providing 190,000 SWUs, we would immediately resume our previous activities, the most important of which would be starting 20 percent Uranium enrichment.”
    • “Iran would continue its nuclear activities in the framework of the regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency and would never ignore its nuclear rights based on the Non Proliferation Treaty [NPT].”
    • “Based on parliamentary legislation, the administration is obliged to annually produce 20,000 Megawatts of electricity from the Bushehr nuclear power plant, and such amount of electricity needs a considerable number of centrifuges which should be considered in the Vienna talks.”


  • Iraq’s Representative in the UN Mohammad Ali al Hakim, in a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, claimed that IS acquired “some” radioactive material from Mosul University two weeks ago, warning that the combination of small quantity and accessible skills are sufficient for WMD construction separately or in composition with other material. Al Hakim stated that the radioactive material’s export abroad is possible.
    • He added that the Iraqi government considers warning the international community their duty and requested foreign aid to “effectively confront the danger of the terrorist application of this material.”  


  • Artesh Ground Forces Commander Brig. Gen. Ahmad Reza Pourdastan reassured border security at the “Air Force and velayat [guardianship of the jurisprudence]” ceremony:
    • “As a soldier myself, I want to say that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s defensive power is greater than ever before and if the threat wants to show off in this battlefield, they will certainly regret it.”
    • “Global arrogance will fail during the defense of sacred areas and on the hard-war front, but will try to compensate in the economic and cultural war.”
    • “In reality, the economy and culture of national resolve and Jihadi management is not a slogan, but rather explains a coherent strategy from a great revolutionary leadership.”



  • Former Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Qazanfar Roknabadi attended the annual iftar banquet of the World Ahl-e Bayt Assembly in Lebanon and said:
    • "The Zionist regime guides takfiri terrorists without a doubt...The Islamic world's main issue has always been the occupation of the Zionist regime. This matter was affirmed that all of the energy and potential of the Islamic world and even other followers of divine religions [Christians] should be expended for eliminating this cancerous tumor."


  • Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian met with Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sabah al Khalid al Hamad al Sabah in Kuwait. The two sides underlined the importance of maintaining a unified Iraq, Abdollahian added:
    • “Maintaining Iraq's political unity and territorial integrity based on its constitution stand atop principles of Iran's policies regarding Iraq.”
    • “The mechanisms of recent terrorist attacks in Iraq are indicative of existing foreign elements behind the offensives.”


  • According to BAS News, Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq Hassan Danaeifar led the Iranian delegation that met with leaders of the Kurdish PUK and Gorran parties. Main points discussed:
    • Danaeifar urged the parties to cooperate with ISF to regain control of IS strongholds.
    • Danaeifar warned the Kurds against declaring independence.


  • Iraqi Shi’a militant group Al Morteza Brigade marched between the Imam Hossein and the Hazrat-e Abbas shrines in Karbala. They reportedly numbered over 1,000 and have seen "special combat training." Imam Ali Shrine Trustee Hojjat al Eslam Ziaeddin Zeineddin spoke at the event and said:
    •  "This brigade was formed to answer the clergy's call to confront ISIL and the necessity of defending sacred shrines."
    • Representative of Grand Ayatollah Ali al Sistani and several Karbala and Najaf officials were in attendance.  
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