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Thirty-two killed in Faisalabad; Charges against Raymond Davis delayed; Gilani seeks assistance from scholars; U.S. drone strike in SWA; LI kills man accused of spying; Seven militants killed in Kurram; ‘Target killings in Karachi.’


Blast in Faisalabad

  •  On Tuesday, thirty-two people were killed by a massive bomb blast in Faisalabad, while 125 others were also injured. The explosion occurred at a gas station in the city, after militants planted a device in the vicinity of the structure. A spokesperson for the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility for the attack and said that the intended target was an office of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency. The spokesman said that the attack was retribution for the killing of a militant by security forces in Faisalabad last year.[i]


U.S.-Pakistani Relations

  • A Pakistani court has delayed charging Raymond Davis in connection with the deaths of two Pakistanis he shot in January. The next trial court hearing is scheduled for March 16, though on March 14 the Pakistani government is expected to tell the Lahore High Court whether Davis possesses diplomatic immunity from prosecution. Prime Minister Gilani told reporters at a conference on Monday that, “I stand with the people of Pakistan on the issue of American citizen Raymond Davis. No back-door solution will be solicited as Pakistan has expressed differences on the matter with the United States on the basis of principles.” [ii]


Bhatti’s Assassination and Fallout

  • Prime Minister Gilani has sought the assistance of 300 Islamic scholars to formulate a strategy to fight extremism in Pakistan. In a speech to the three-day conference attendees, Gilani stated that “Today we need to follow the true message of tolerance and understanding preached and practiced by the Holy Prophet.” Gilani also warned against a wedge being driven between Muslims and Christians within the country.[iii]



  • Five suspected militants were killed by a U.S. drone strike in South Waziristan on Tuesday. Unidentified intelligence officials said that the missiles hit a house 12 miles west of Wana, killing the occupants inside.[iv]

  • Lashkar-e-Islam (LI) militants killed a man they accused of spying in the Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency. Sources allege that the man was suspected of providing intelligence to the U.S. which was used to conduct three drone strikes against LI militants in the Tirah Valley in December. Meanwhile, a mortar shell fired by security forces hit a house in Mandikas area of Bara on Monday, injuring three. Sources report that the security forces had been shelling suspected positions of militants in Mandikas and surrounding areas.[v]

  • Seven suspected militants were killed in an operation by security forces in the Chinarak area of Kurram Agency on Monday. The militants were attacked by military helicopters, which targeted them based on information provided by local law enforcement agencies.[vi]


‘Target Killings’ in Karachi

  • Four people were killed in Karachi on Monday as ‘target killings’ continued in the city for a second day. Among the fatalities were two political workers and a woman, while four others were also injured. An investigation has been opened into the incidents.[vii]


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