Pakistan Security Brief

Davis to be arraigned on Wednesday; Negotiations between ISI and CIA; FC soldier killed in NWA; Twelve militants killed in Orakzai; School attacked in Khyber; Six militants killed in Hangu; Two policemen killed in Mardan; One militant dead in Peshawar; NATO tanker torched in Balochistan.


U.S.-Pakistani Relations

  • The News reports that U.S.-contractor Raymond Davis will be arraigned on murder charges on Wednesday. Legal experts reported that the formal trial would begin in the next hearing. Former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi also argued that the U.S. should present proof of its claims of diplomatic immunity for Raymond Davis. Qureshi stated that, “It is my stand that Davis dose not enjoy immunity and I took this stand after a briefing from senior officers of the Foreign Office.”[i]

  • Dawn reports that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency and the CIA have conducted negotiations with the aim of repairing strained relations between the two organizations. The paper states that a decrease in tension between the ISI and CIA will help resolve the dispute over Davis’ immunity and improve the overall bilateral relationship amid the two countries.[ii]



  • A Frontier Corps soldier and a child were killed on Monday in two rocket attacks in Mir Ali district of North Waziristan. The first rocket landed in the Razmak military camp and exploded, killing the FC officer. A second rocket landed outside of the military camp, fatally wounding the child.[iii]

  • On Monday, twelve militants were killed and nine others were injured in a clash between insurgents and security forces in Sunpaka Kandao in Orakzai Agency. Two soldiers were also injured in the fire fight.[iv]

  • A school and bridge were attacked by militants in Khyber Agency on Monday. The government primary school in Landi Kotal district was destroyed after unidentified assailants planted explosives around the building. Elsewhere, two Frontier Corps officers sustained injuries when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Landi Kotal.[v]


Attacks in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

  • Six militants were killed and several others sustained injuries in a clash with security forces in Hangu on Tuesday. Insurgents had attacked a security checkpoint in the area before receiving retaliatory fire by the soldiers.[vi]

  • Two policemen were killed and ten others were injured after unidentified militants attacked police forces in Mardan on Tuesday. Four of the militants were also killed in retaliatory fire by the security officers.[vii]

  • One militant was killed in the Adezai area of Peshawar during an operation by security forces on Tuesday. Three militants were also arrested and arms recovered in the operation. The deceased militant, Rab Nawaz, was alleged to be involved in the Adezai suicide bombing on March 9.[viii]


NATO Tanker Torched in Balochistan

  • A tanker carrying fuel for NATO forces in Afghanistan was torched in the Sohrab area of Balochistan on Monday. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack and an investigation has been opened into the incident.[ix]


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