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President Obama calls for Davis’ release; Kerry meets with Zardari and Gilani over Davis case; Qureshi: Davis does not enjoy “blanket immunity;” U.S. Consul General in Lahore rumored to be recalled; JI plans to besiege U.S. consul; The News: Government has finalized plans to grant Davis immunity; TTP threatens against Davis release; 120 militants killed in Mohmand offensive; Mohmand IDPs to return home in phases; Mohammed Junaid Babar released from prison; Gas line blown up in Dera Murad Jamali; Power pylons attacked in Tajazai, Security checkpoint attacked in Badaber.


U.S.-Pakistani Relations

  • President Obama has called on Pakistan to release Raymond Davis, the U.S. national accused of murdering two Pakistani men in January. During a White House news conference on Tuesday, Obama stated, "Obviously, we're concerned about the loss of life. You know, we're not callous about that. But there's a broader principle at stake that I think we have to uphold."[i]

  • On Tuesday, Senator John Kerry arrived in Pakistan to meet with President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani, in an attempt to diffuse tensions between the two countries. "This case does not belong in the court. And it does not belong in the court because this man has diplomatic immunity as an administrator of technical employees of the embassy of the United States in Islamabad. We believe that documentation makes that clear." Kerry also expressed regret over the killing and pledged that Davis would face a U.S. criminal inquiry if released.  However, Gilani later maintained that the court would decide whether Davis possesses immunity or not. Senator Kerry also met with Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh to speak about economic reforms in Pakistan, and former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Following the meeting, Qureshi issued a statement saying that Davis does not enjoy “blanket immunity.” Qureshi was reportedly dropped from the new cabinet because of his stance on the Davis incident.[ii]

  • Following Qureshi’s dismissal, U.S. Consul General in Lahore Carmela Conroy may reportedly be recalled from her post, due to U.S. dissatisfaction with her performance over the Davis case. The News quotes an anonymous diplomatic source, who said that U.S. diplomats in Pakistan have been chastised for their failure in negotiating with the Pakistani government on the Davis issue.  A spokesperson for the Department of State has denied the report. Meanwhile, a Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief has demanded the registration of a complaint against the U.S. Consul General Lahore over the Davis case. Ameer Syed Munawwar Hasan threatened to besiege and stage a protest outside the consulate, which would continue until the execution of Davis and disciplinary actions taken against various officials.[iii]

  • The News reports that the federal government has finalized its plan to grant Davis diplomatic immunity. An anonymous source stated, “As word ‘official’ is mentioned in the visa stamped on the passport held by Raymond Davis and when the court will question the federal government about the status of the American national, the Attorney General will appear before the court to certify on behalf of the federal government that Davis had reached Pakistan on official visa and he enjoys diplomatic immunity.”[iv]

  • The Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP) has released a statement warning the Pakistani government against releasing Davis. Azam Tariq, a spokesman for the TTP said, “If (Pakistani) rulers hand him over to America then we will target these rulers. If Pakistani courts cannot punish Davis then they should hand him over to us. We will give exemplary punishment to the killer Davis.” Dawn has additionally reported that Davis’ trial will continue within prison premises, due to security concerns.[v]



  • On Tuesday, Mohmand agency’s Political Agent Amjad Ali Khan declared that 120 militants have been killed, including seven commanders, in a three-week offensive in Mohmand Agency that began on January 27. Aerial, artillery, and ground operations in the five tribal regions have reportedly resulted in 90 percent of the targeted areas being cleared. Khan declares that 22,000 people have been displaced as a result of the fighting. He said that, “All the IDPs will return to their hometowns in phases till Feb 28.” However, The News reports that the IDPs will return to their homes in phases until March 10. Meanwhile, Senator Hafiz Rasheed Ahmad stated that the men and women of Mohmand were not forewarned of the impending operation in the area, and demanded that the government provide sufficient facilities for the IDPs.[vi]


Babar Released from Prison

  • Mohammed Junaid Babar, an al Qaeda operative who confessed to setting up a camp in South Waziristan where the 2005 London terrorists were trained, has been released from a U.S. prison. Babar has been sentenced to ten years of probation, after serving less than five years in jail. He was released early because of his cooperation in testifying on behalf of the government in four trials, which resulted in the convictions of ten militants. Babar had previously confessed, “I was aware that some of the people who attended the jihad training camp had ideas about, you know, plotting against some targets in the United Kingdom, and I provided some of the materials.”[vii]


Blast in Balochistan

  • Militants blew up a gas line in the Dera Murad Jamali area on Wednesday. The explosion has left thousands of men and women in the region without gas. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. An electrical tower was blown up elsewhere in Nasirabad on Tuesday by unidentified militants.[viii]


Attack in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

  • Two power pylons were blown up in Tajazai area on Tuesday by unidentified militants. The improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were attached to the pylons, but a third was diffused before it could be detonated.[ix]
  • A security check point was attacked in Badaber on Tuesday. Security forces retaliated by opening fire on the militants, who subsequently escaped from the scene.[x]



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