Pakistan Security Brief

Pakistan Security Brief – July 8, 2009

Drone strikes targeting militants in South Waziristan on Wednesday killed over two dozen; an anti-Taliban tribal elder raising local militias to fight militants in Khyber agency was kidnapped yesterday and found dead on Wednesday; a suicide bomber struck near a checkpoint in Peshawar killing three others;Pakistani military spokesman declares army operations are nearly complete in Swat and Buner.  

  • Two separate drone strikes reportedly killed over thirty militants today, according to senior Pakistani security officials in the area, in South Waziristan after targeting a Taliban training camp outside of Wana and a convoy suspected of carrying Taliban militants.[i]

  • At a press conference earlier today, Pakistani military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas announced that military operations in Swat and Buner are almost over, and that the area has been virtually cleared of militants. Top militant leadership in the area, however, remains at large while reports surfaced that TNSM commander Maulana Fazlullah was injured in recent strikes.[ii]

  • Kidnapped Khyber district elder Malik Zardad Khan was found dead this morning in the Tirah valley area. At the time of his abduction, the pro-government Khan had been organizing local tribal militias against the local Taliban associated militants.[iii]

  • A suicide bomber killed himself and injured three others near a checkpoint in central Peshawar today. Police have cordoned off the area and are searching for clues as to the origin and motivation of the attack.[iv]

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