Pakistan Security Brief

Pakistan Security Brief - July 29, 2009

Police officials reported that Taliban militants killed a pro-government tribal militia leader after raiding his home; a bomb explosion outside a courthouse in Dera Ismail Khan killed a Shi'ia lawyer and two of his bodyguards; North Waziristan militant leader Gul Bahadur claimed credit for Tuesday's bombing of a checkpoint in Miramshah that left a paramilitary soldier dead; security officials claimed to have carried out clearing operations in Lower Dir on Tuesday targeted at militants.

  • Police officials in the Swat Valley report that a raid composed of "more than 50 Taliban" stormed the house of a local pro-government tribal leader and lashkar (militia) organizer Wednesday, killing him and wounding one of his servants. A retaliation by security officials subsequently left two militants dead.[1]
  • A remote-controlled bomb explosion in Dera Ismail Khan wounded a Shiite lawyer and killed two of his bodyguards Wednesday. No-one has yet claimed credit for the attack, but local officials suspect it to form part of a larger trend of sectarian violence in Pakistan's northwest.[2]
  • North Waziristan Taliban leader Gul Bahadur has claimed credit for a suicide bombing Tuesday that killed one soldier and wounded five others at a checkpoint near Miramshah. In a phone statement to Pakistani media, his spokesman warned that more such attacks would follow if military and drone strikes in North Waziristan continue.[3]
  • Security officials claim to have cleared parts of Tehsil Maiden of Lower Dir of militants as of Tuesday night. The military has reportedly moved its attention to the Qambar area, where heavy artillery is being directed at suspected hideouts.[4]�
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