Pakistan Security Brief

Pakistan Security Brief – June 26, 2009

A suicide bomber, reportedly dispatched by the Pakistani Taliban, targeted and killed two Pakistani soldiers on Friday in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir; Pakistani army chief travelled to South Waziristan on Thursday, meeting with field commanders and urging local tribes to support the military’s operations; Pakistani forces reportedly continued search-and-sweep operations in the Swat valley on Thursday.    
  • Two soldiers were killed when their vehicle was targeted by a suicide bomber in the city of Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. The attack is significant as it is the first Taliban attack in what has, thus far, been a peaceful part of the country. Hakimullah Mehsud, a Beitullah deputy, said the TTP had carried out the attack in order to prove that Beitullah’s forces had not been weekend in the latest spate of military air-attacks in Waziristan.[1]
  • On Thursday, General Kayani visited Pakistan Army positions in South Waziristan. He reportedly “spent the day interacting with the field commanders and troops” in Wana, the main town in the agency, and Tiarza, an area known to be a militant stronghold. He urged the local tribes to support the government’s campaign against the militants and asked the military to use precision strikes in order to minimize collateral damage, “even if they had to take risks.” All this comes as troops and equipment are moved into position for an offensive that is expected to begin soon.[2]
  • Pakistani security forces in Swat reportedly pressed on with its operations to consolidate gains in the region. On Thursday, the military demolished properties said to be “militant sanctuaries” and continued its sweep and search operations throughout the area. Forces also reportedly distributed rations to IDPs in the Malakand region. There is still no confirmation on whether Shah Dauran, TNSM commander Maulana Fazlullah’s deputy, was killed in an earlier attack.[3]  

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