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A selection of the latest news stories and editorials published in Iranian news outlets, compiled by AEI Critical Threats Project Iran Analyst Will Fulton. To receive this daily newsletter, please subscribe online.

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  • Head of Social Security Saeed Mortazavi, arrested two days ago, was reportedly released from Evin prison.
  • IRGC Cultural Deputy and Expediency Council member Mohammad Hossein Safar Harrandi said that the reformists' main goal is to return to the political scene:
    • "Some reformists did not show any reaction against sedition; these individuals must clearly explain this matter today, although the leaders of the sedition cannot do such a thing.  But their dependents have had this opportunity [only] because the system is not sensitive regarding the name 'reformism,' and the Supreme Leader said that the request by some to close the offices of reformists was not necessary."
    • "For this reason they plan to introduce a reasonable person to the revolution, meaning Hashemi Rafsanjani, for the upcoming elections even though in the second round of the [2009] elections there was opposition to Rafsanjani from the reformists. Signs indicate the invitation of all reformist groups for unity, and this can also be a lesson for principlists because division among principlists will strengthen the appetites of other groups to reach for power."
  • Safar Harrandi also defended IRGC involvement in politics:
    • "The IRGC does not interfere in such matters as party issues and organizational relations, but it is incorrect to say that the Guards do not have a right to interfere in politics or to have an understanding and insight into politics, [this is] because the IRGC has been established based on politics and must understand political issues and domestic and external conditions."
    • "The IRGC will never have a presence  as blind and deaf soldiers who are unaware of inside and outside events; rather [they] enter into political issues of the day and hold meetings in order to expand their insight, etc."
  • Head of the Judiciary Branch Ayatollah Sadegh Amoli Larijani reacted to Ahmadinejad's attack on the Larijani family in Sunday's open parliamentary session:
    • "What occurred on Sunday in Parliament was bitter for the country, and although I consider the President's comments regarding the honorable judges of the Judiciary, respectable MPs and heads of the system as false and defamatory and against all religious and legal standards, and consider them a crime, I will keep my silence for now, for the sake of the expediency of the system and out of obedience to the Supreme Leader's orders. I will discuss details about it at another time and will expose its deviant, seditious and economically, ideologically and practically corrupt nature."
  • IRGC Mohammad Rasoul Allah unit (Greater Tehran) Commander BG Mohsen Kazemeini urged unity and avoidance of division:
    • "Today, the Iranian people's revolution has crossed borders and is exported to all countries. The Iranian nation has, from the beginning until today, stood against all of the enemies' internal and external threats and political, economic and cultural pressures, and is resisting [them]."
    • "Imam Khomeini and [Khamenei] have been the reason for our success until now and we will always be victorious as long as the people support and have connections with the system."
    • "We do not know from where and how sedition will begin, nor can we anticipate its depth, but it always exists for our nation.  We must pay close attention to the Supreme Leader's order to achieve glory, because the leader of the revolution has asked us to have unity and set aside divisions."
    • "We accept any person and any figure who obeys Islam and the velayat [guardianship of the jurisprudent], and we will no longer look at anyone who disobeys Islam's orders and the Supreme Leader's words like we did in the past."

Military and Security

  • Senior Adviser to the Supreme Leader MG Mohammad Salimi said the Israeli attack on Syria was an effort to repair Israel's reputation following its defeat in the 2012 Gaza conflict.
    • "The Supreme Leader has reminded us many times that the enemy will create internal trouble for us to distract us from foreign affairs. Well, Israel also tried to create this trouble in Syria."
  • Senior Military Aide to the Supreme Leader MG Yahya Safavi on strategic projections of the new global order:
    • "American government officials confessed that Americans do not have the tolerance for thousands of casualties, injuries, mental patients, hundreds of billions in damages, and hatred of America in public opinion following the military attacks against Iraq and Afghanistan."
    • "The discussions of Syria, Iraq, and the Islamic awakening movements are part of [larger] global issues, and the flag bearers of the Islamic awakening and Islamic revolution are the Supreme Leader and the thoughts of Imam [Khomeini].  Americans have been taken by surprise in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, and Bahrain, and because of this, they have legitimized the Saudi family's crushing of the Bahraini people's uprising. Their vision is that they must have a presence in Western Asia and Northern Africa to guarantee the survival and security of the Zionist regime and create a strategic rivalry against Iran, and this rival is Turkey."
  • Commander of IRGC Air-Space forces reported results of RQ170 drone captured last year:
    • “Every day we advanced we realized what a great thing the Americans have lost.  Existing technologies in this aircraft are very similar to advanced aircraft such as radar evaders and bombers like the B2 bomber and F35 fighters.”
    • “After breaking the memory code of this aircraft we noticed that [it] has had many flights in countries around Iran and has guided many of Pakistan’s conflicts.”
    • “Of course there was a 10-15% chance that this event [the US launching an airstrike to destroy the captured drone] could have occurred, and it was for this reason that we ordered all missile bases and units to be ready so that if they made a move we would immediately strike their bases."


  • The Iranian market reacted positively to measures announced recently by Parliament and the Central Bank to control Iran's currency market.

Photo of the Day

  • IRGC Mohammad Rasoul Allah unit (Greater Tehran) Commander BG Mohsen Kazemeini salutes Basij Ashoura Battalion members gathered in Tehran.


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