Gulf of Aden Security Review

A regularly updated review of both Yemen and the Horn of Africa covering topics related to security, governance, and militant activity.

Yemen: AQAP and Houthis complete prisoner exchange; AQAP detonates two IEDs targeting STC-backed forces; STC-backed forces dismantle AQAP IED; Houthis issue orders to media to avoid “offending” Saudi Arabia

Somalia: Al Shabaab suicide raid in north-central Somalia kills deputy commander of US-trained forces; Somali forces clear al Shabaab haven in the Shabelle River valley in south-central Somalia; local militia pre-emptively attack al Shabaab gathering in central Somalia

Yemen Security Brief:

A Yemeni news outlet reported on January 19 that the Houthis and al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) completed a prisoner exchange deal in January 2023.[i] The Houthis exchanged 17 AQAP members for nine Houthi fighters. 

AQAP fighters detonated two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) targeting the Southern Transitional Council (STC)-backed forces in Wadi Omran, Mudiyah district, Abyan governorate, southern Yemen, on January 18.[ii] The attack killed a battalion commander in the STC-backed 6th Support and Reinforcement Brigade.[iii] AQAP claimed the attack killed eight other STC-backed fighters, while southern Yemeni media reported the attack killed only two other STC-backed fighters.

The STC-backed Security Belt Forces in Abyan dismantled a likely AQAP IED in the Salbat al Khadira area between Mudiyah and Lawdar districts, Abyan governorate, on January 20.[iv] 

Northern Yemen-focused media outlet al Mashhad al Yemeni reported on January 20 that the Houthis issued orders to pro-Houthi media and activists to avoid “offending” Saudi Arabia after the Omani visit to Sana’a during the week of January 9.

Somalia Security Brief:

Al Shabaab conducted a complex suicide raid targeting a US-trained Danab forces base in Gal’ad, El Dheere district, Galgudud region, north-central Somalia, on January 20. The attack killed the deputy commander of the Danab forces.[v] Al Shabaab and the SFG both claimed to kill over 100 of each other’s troops in the fighting.[vi] Al Shabaab also claimed to steal 45 Danab vehicles from the base.[vii]

Somali government and local militia forces cleared an al Shabaab gathering near Dhagahow, Bal’ad district, Middle Shabelle, south-central Somalia, on January 19.[viii] Somali officials claimed the operation killed at least 49 militants and destroyed an anti-aircraft cannon. Al Shabaab previously launched a suicide raid targeting the nearby base in Hawadley on January 17.[ix]

Local militia preemptively attacked an al Shabaab gathering near Beer Haano, Beledweyne district, Hiraan region, central Somalia, on January 19.[x] Reinforcements from Beledweyne joined the fighting. Al Shabaab claimed to kill two soldiers and injure five others in the area.[xi]

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