Pakistan Security Brief

Panetta says Pakistan “likely to remain volatile and fragile”; U.S. may discuss peace deal with Haqqani Network; Exchange of secret messages from Zardari to Obama revealed; Pakistan to participate in intelligence sharing over Rabbani murder; China clears Pakistan of involvement in Kashgar attacks; Karachi police detain 2 suspected target killers; Pakistani Taliban increases involvement in criminal activity; Two killed in attack on NATO oil tanker; KP governor urges unity among tribesmen; Police recover NATO items in Peshawar; Security official killed in rocket attack; Tribal elders to enforce 2008 peace deal in Kurram; 380 families return to Mohmand agency.


Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations

Pakistan-China Relations

  • China has officially absolved Pakistan of the Kashgar terrorist attacks in July that killed 20 people, according to Zhang Xiaodi, the director general of the foreign affairs office in Xijiang province.  Local officials previously charged that the Muslim Uighurs who carried out the twin terrorist attacks had received explosives and firearms training at an East Turkistani Islamic Movement (ETIM) camp in Pakistan. An investigation into the incident revealed otherwise.[5]

Karachi Violence

Pakistani Taliban

  • The AP reports that the “Black Night” group, which is under the command of Pakistani Taliban leaders Hakimullah Mehsud and Waliur Rehman Mehsud, has begun to raise funds through criminal activity such as bank robberies, kidnappings, and extortion. This shift in funding has allowed the Pakistani Taliban to decrease its reliance on “cash from abroad” to carry out attacks.[7]




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