Pakistan Security Brief

Pakistan Security Brief – November 6, 2009

Pakistan security forces move into the last TTP stronghold of Makeen; Hakimullah Mehsud appeals to his fighters in a radio message to not flee positions but to fight the invading security forces; two gunmen attack another Army officer in Islamabad on Friday, both the Brigadier and his driver survived but sustained gunshot wounds; security forces arrested two members of Jundallah believed to have been involved in a suicide attack in Iran last month; two close aides of the TTP Swat commander Mullah Fazlullah were arrested by security forces on Thursday; Sixteen schools close in Rawalpindi after failing to meet security standards.

  • As the Pakistani Security forces take control of the last Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) stronghold in Makeen, a recent statement by TTP leader Hakimullah Mehsud was intercepted by Pakistani security forces.  On Tuesday, Mehsud broadcasted a statement over the radio in an attempt to convince his fighters not to flee their positions.  In the statement he told militants to not retreat and to “remember this is the commandment of God that once fighting starts with the enemy, you cannot leave the battlefield without permission from your commander, and don’t look for excuses to run away from the fighting.  Such people will go to hell” (click here for more detail on operation in SWA).[1]

  • Two gunmen attacked an Army Brigadier and his driver in Islamabad.  The militants attacked the Army officer when he was leaving his residence on Friday morning.  Both the officer and his driver survived the attack but sustained gunshot wounds.  This is the third armed attack on high ranking military officers in Islamabad in the last two weeks.[2]

  • Security forces arrested three members of the militant group Jundallah in Balochistan on Thursday.  The suspects are believed to have been involved in the planning of the suicide attack in Iran which killed forty-two people.  The militants are Iranians but were arrested inside of Pakistan.[3]

  • Five militant commanders were detained during raids by security forces in Swat on Thursday.  Two of the individuals are said to be close aides to TTP Swat commander Maulana Fazlullah.  Also seized in the raids were a large amount of weapons, explosives and ammunition.[4]

  • Sixteen more schools were closed by government officials in Rawalpindi after the staff did not improve the security of the facilities.  New security standards were implemented after the dual suicide bombing at the International Islamic University in October.[5]

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