Pakistan Security Brief

Pakistan Security Brief –November 16, 2009

Twelve were killed when a suicide bomber struck a police checkpoint in Peshawar on Saturday; eighteen were killed when Pakistani Air Force jets targeted militant positions in Orakzai Agency; the latest suicide bombing in Peshawar killed four on Monday.

  • Four were killed in another suicide car bombing in Peshawar on Monday.  Twenty other people were injured in the explosion which occurred in Badh Ber, south of Peshawar.  This attack illustrates the increase in attacks since the military began its offensive into South Waziristan on October 17.[1]  

  • Pakistani Air Force jets targeted a number of militant positions in Orakzai Agency on Sunday.  Eighteen are believed to have been killed in the latest strikes.  The aircraft targeted eleven separate positions twice over the course of the day.  A number of other militants are believed to have been wounded in the strikes.[2]

  • The terrorist bombing in Peshawar continued on Saturday when another suicide car bomb exploded at a police checkpoint in Peshawar.  Twelve were killed and dozens injured in this attack.  It is the fourth such bombing to occur in Peshawar in the last week.[3]

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