Pakistan Security Brief

Munter tried to stop March 17 drone strike; U.S. and Pakistan working to resolve travel restrictions dispute; Pakistan opposes U.S. plan for nuclear material cutoff; Ludin: Afghan peace requires Pakistani cooperation; Former Afghan intel chief: Musharraf rejected reports of al Qaeda safe-houses near Abbottabad; Pakistan attempts to salvage relationship with China after Xinjiang attacks; Fifty-eight killed in Karachi since last Friday; Drone kills four in N. Waziristan; Explosives meant for attack kill two young boys; Seraiki province effort gains momentum.


U.S.-Pakistan Relations

Pak-Afghan Relations

China-Pakistan Relations

  • Reuters reports that Pakistan’s reactions to China’s claim that recent attacks in Xinjiang were perpetrated by militants trained in Pakistan shows how much Pakistan values its relationship with China, perhaps to a fault. Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence (DG-ISI) Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha immediately left for China to express Pakistan’s dedication to fighting militants that threaten China. Such a high-level of cooperation and quick response is not usually extended to the U.S. The Reuters report emphasizes that Pakistan should be careful in their new partnership with China because China interests in the region extend beyond Pakistan and it is unlikely to sacrifice its interests vis-à-vis India or its own “deep relationship” with the U.S. for the sake of Pakistan.[vi]




Seraiki Province Push

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