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A selection of the latest news stories and articles published in Iranian news outlets, compiled by AEI Critical Threats Analysts.

A selection of the latest news stories and editorials published in Iranian news outlets, compiled by Ali Alfoneh and Ahmad Majidyar. To receive this daily newsletter, please subscribe online.

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  • Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei addresses the Basij members in North Khorasan province:
    • "Some mistakenly identify enemy positions and direct their artillery against friendly positions rather than enemy positions... There are those who consider their electoral rival Sheitan-e Akbar [the Great Satan], but it is the United States and Zionism which are the Great Satan, and not the electoral rival... When election activists claim Islam, serve Islam and the revolution, why do some of their supporters consider the opposition party the Devil...? Of course, sometimes someone may wear friendly uniform but repeat the words of the enemy. One must advise such an individual..."
    • Addressing people who according to Khamenei repeat the words of the enemy, the Supreme Leader said: "You, who oppose the Islamic Republic with the same viewpoint and sentiments as those of the Zionist regime but with a different language, and you who deal with the Islamic regime based on the same logic as that of the United States, what is the difference between you and the Zionist regime and the United States...? However, there are also those who consider friends as foes... Differences may of course be great and deep, but one must under no circumstance consider a friend as a foe..."
    • "Elections are not near, but there are some who have already entered this arena, which is not at all approved by me. Everything has its own time..."
    • The Supreme Leader also expressed his three wishes for the presidential election:
      • "First of all, great popular participation..."
      • "Everyone must pray to God, but must also open their eyes so that the result of the election is a good choice in the interest of the revolution and the country... Of course this does not mean that if someone does not like someone, he should be harsh with him or ill treat him... Those who consider themselves qualified… should enter the arena when appropriate, and the people should measure them..."
      • "Election is a source of pride and dignity of the country, everyone must take care that this issue does not become a source of losing pride... There were some who tried to present that election [2009 presidential election] as the symbol of conflict, and tried to make a natural political mayhem into sedition. Of course, the Iranian nation opposed it, and whenever something similar happens, the nation will oppose it."
      • In a separate address in Shiravan, Khamenei urged the authorities to abstain from making provocative statements up to the presidential election.
  • Reformist political activist Amir Mohebian says former president Mohammad Khatami "knows that the chance of [Guardian Council approval] of his candidacy [for the 2013 presidential election] is minimal."


  • Khamenei addresses the people of Shiravan:
    • "The enemies who desired to depress and tire the people with sanctions should see such spontaneous and enthusiastic gatherings and should learn from the resolve of the nation to defend the regime... The rulers of the United States and elsewhere constantly talk about the opposition of the people of Iran against the regime and Islam. It is as if they don't consider the Iranian nation as a part of the people of Iran. They have an obscure understanding of the people of Iran, but the people are those who created epics in the past couple of days [by attending Khamenei's speeches] and showed that the enemy lies and is making partisan judgments."
    • "Some domestic tribunes unknowingly repeat the statements of the enemy... They are themselves tired, but claim the people are tired... But the people are ready for work and struggle. Ready the arena for them and see how motivated and resourceful they will enter it..."
  • Rafsanjani addresses representatives from Iran's food industry:
    • "Unfortunately, today, after the passing of many years since the Sacred Defense and [at a time of] calm and security in the country, some of those people who are only remotely involved in the affairs, and did not have any responsibility at that time [during the war with Iraq] or feared to get involved and remained in the periphery, have begun speaking and are questioning the achievements of the warriors, and claim they are looking for those who forced His Holiness the Imam [Khomeini] to drink from the chalice of poison [by accepting the ceasefire agreement with Iraq]... Such individuals are not aware of the conditions of the Sacred Defense, nor do they know the Imam. They have also not comprehended the war and are not balanced analysts. They analyze the era of defense from a partisan point of view..."
    • "It is not too late for changing the path and changing wrong management... Based upon our ideals and the foundations of our principles we consider the Zionist regime illegitimate, but we do not desire war with any state, and do not need to get involved..."
  • [E] A senior Iranian interior ministry official rejected the recent media reports that Saudi Interior Minister Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz has been invited to pay a visit to Tehran. 
  • [E] Ahmadinejad in a meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan underlined that the best solution to the Syrian crisis is holding free elections in the Muslim country

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  • Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast welcomes "constructive dialogue" with the 5+1 Group. 


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