Iran News Round Up

The Iran News Round Up ran from February 2009-September 2018. Visit the Iran File for the latest analysis.

A selection of the latest news stories and editorials published in Iranian news outlets, compiled by the AEI Critical Threats Project's Iran research team. To receive this daily newsletter, please subscribe online. 

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Military and Security

  • Representative of the Supreme Leader to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Hojjat al-Eslam Ali Saidi called the recent Geneva Accord an “ultimatum” and proof of Western deception and responded to recent US statements condemning the ongoing house arrest of opposition leaders Mehdi Karoubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi. He also reiterated Iran’s unwillingness to surrender and implored the Rouhani administration to proceed with caution:
    • “The Western arrogant system began various wars in the region so they could- in their own words- form a new Middle East. But the will of the Supreme Leader and the people stood against the West, and today we are witnessing that Iran is the undisputed regional power. In reality, all measures in global equations will be defeated without Iran’s presence and this is the present undeniable reality.”
    • “The Iranian nation made the world understand that it is a nation of rational dialogue but will never be a nation of compromise and surrender. The Supreme Leader’s statements based on the West’s lying and oath-breaking was proven correct after the Geneva Accord.”
    • “It was necessary to give this opportunity to the West so it could sit at the negotiations table with Iran, and the righteousness of the system and Supreme Leader would be proven in action.”
    • “Officials must have received this message from the Iranian people and Supreme Leader, that if they seek to enter diplomacy with the West they must negotiate with a rational position and avoid compromise and retreat from the Revolution’s ideals.”
    • “America, with its unilateral sanctions, sought to prove to regional countries that the only country that stood in the region has been defeated, surrendering to Western desires. But the people’s presence in supporting the system and the Supreme Leader demonstrated that the arrogant have fallen deep in the slumber of ignorance.”
    • “The front of the Dominant System [West] has understood that if a confrontation arises, the Ashuraei Iranian nation is always prepared to take action.”
    • “The people gave a firm answer to America and its allies and said that we ostracize anyone who plays in the enemy’s field in the sensitive situation and supports the Dominant System during sensitive times [referring to Mousavi and Karoubi].”
    • “With the twofold behavior of the West, the Supreme Leader’s statements on not being optimistic to the negotiations were affirmed. In reality, giving the field to our country’s diplomats was an ultimatum with the West.”
    • “Another matter was the reminder of this truth to the enemies that we were not afflicted with self-defeat during difficult circumstances, rather we demonstrated the art of our management.”
    • “Some claim that living and economic problems are critical but they are not. The nation that has stood against bullies for thirty-five years has demonstrated its capability to manage itself. By placing the principle of resistance economy, we will strengthen the system’s internal structure.”
    • “If we were going to surrender then we would have never revolted. We revolted to achieve our political and economic independence and it is natural for imperialist and autocratic powers to take action against the Islamic Republic. But with God’s favor, we will surpass these difficult terrains like in the past.” 
    • “Being placed under sanctions and against the West has only proven Iran’s dignity and glory, rather than an incapable image.” 
  • IRGC Navy Forces Commander Brig. Gen. Ali Fadavi extolled Iranian naval strength and announced Tehran’s commitment to guaranteeing energy security in the Persian Gulf region:
    • “The options that have advanced the Islamic Revolution are commitment to the holy law of Islam, obedience to the Supreme Leader and unity.”
    • “In surface, sub-subsurface and the air this force is Iran’s military superiority in the Persian Gulf. Our intelligence and operational capability has caused the fear of foreigners present in the Persian Gulf.”
    • “America has come to the Persian Gulf with the goal of dominating the world, because this is the vital region for oil production in the world and is a strategic region for maintaining global security. But the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a divine power, seeks to preserve regional peace and stability while providing security in the Persian Gulf.”
    • “Countries inside and outside the region today consider the Islamic Republic of Iran as the most important guarantor of security in the Persian Gulf. They are certain that if any one greedy country seeks to challenge regional security it will confront the deterrent measure of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” 
  • IRGC Deputy Commander Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami wished success for the Islamic Republic’s diplomacy efforts and lauded Iranian power:
    • “We were able to free the strategic regional spaces from the enemy’s control. Our enemies are no longer effective in the eastern Mediterranean and northern Africa. No strength is left from the infidel front to weaken the Syrian government.”
    • “We have not wanted to use our most powerful instruments to the fullest extent possible like the enemy, because we have wanted the world to be peaceful. The field of our effect is more than what is imagined.”
    • If we want to create ebb and flow, the situation of our enemies will be much more different, which this movement is at the border of high peaks and the shores of great wishes.”
    • “Our struggle with the enemy today has taken a powerful diplomatic aspect to it, which we have to defend the greatness and dignity of the nation and the system just like the Sacred Defense era [Iran-Iraq War].”
    • “Today we have surpassed the border of deterrence and our enemies knows this.” 

Nuclear Issue

  • Qom Friday Prayer Leader Ayatollah Hashem Hosseini Bushehri discussed the Islamic Republic’s position during the nuclear negotiations and stated, “The Arak heavy water reactor is a red line of the Islamic Republic and must be observed. We must not retreat in the negotiations. The number of centrifuges must not be reduced, research activities must not cease and [we] must not retreat from the Islamic system’s defense matters.”  Bushehri then reiterated Iran’s commitment to its agreements with the West, “which has been approved by the Supreme Leader and is one of the principles of the Islamic Republic during negotiations….” 
  • Supreme National Security Council Secretary Maj. Gen. Ali Shamkhani warned the West that “The window of interaction and cooperation” is not open forever and stated, “Future negotiations will show that the West had no choice but to choose the nuclear negotiations table against Iran.” He added, “Members of the negotiations team represent the system’s political will for constructive interaction in the international arena, and they will continue on this path with complete seriousness and with the goal of completely securing the Iranian nation’s rights.” 


Regional Developments and Diplomacy


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