Iran News Round Up

The Iran News Round Up ran from February 2009-September 2018. Visit the Iran File for the latest analysis.

A selection of the latest news stories and editorials published in Iranian news outlets, compiled by AEI Critical Threats Project Iran Analyst Will Fulton and Iran Intern Amir Toumaj. To receive this daily newsletter, please subscribe online.

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Regional Developments

Military and Security

  • Outgoing Intelligence Minister Hojjat al-Eslam Heydar Moslehi claimed to possess evidence that implicated the United States in the recent Syrian chemical attack:          
    • “We have evidence and intelligence that demonstrate the design of the chemical attack in Syria was formed by the Americans and with the cooperation of regional countries such as Turkey and Qatar, but the Arrogance media does not allow for revealing the truths. We knew from two months ago that such an event would occur. We were informed as well [as to where] this design existed, from where chemical weapons were imported and where and how they would be used.”
    • We took a hard hit with the assassination of our nuclear scientists, but its value was that we were able to identify the individual that the intelligence agencies of other countries had [placed inside the Ministry of Intelligence], due to the inattentiveness of Iranian officials.”
    • “I state with certainly that there is a great deal of evidence and documents [which demonstrate] that the main issue in the [2009 election] was the system’s overthrow. Exactly like what has occurred in Egypt.”
  • Defense Minister BG Hossein Dehghan dismissed the potential of an American attack against Syria:
    • "I believe the experience that the Americans had in attacking and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan will prevent them from committing another mistake and immersing themselves in another regional confrontation.... It is natural that the White house is making excuses in order to increase pressure on Syria using various means.... It is not possible that the Syrian government would use chemical weapons or other weapons of mass destruction after its recent victories in its war against terrorists..... These types of conspiratorial measures that are implemented by the US and terrorist groups with US support are unable to [help the US] achieve their goals, and it is unlikely that they will take military steps against [Syria]..... If military measures are taken against Syria, the security and stability of the region will be threatened and it will definitely not be in the interest of those fanning the flames of violence."
  • IRGC Commander MG Mohammad Ali Jafari praised the IRGC’s intelligence and operational preparedness to defend Iran:
    • “The Islamic Republic’s strategic realities represent total preparedness of the Armed Forces, particularly the [IRGC], to defend the Islamic system and homeland. Correct understanding of the complex of various threats, which have been planned by the regional and cross-regional united front against the country’s national security, has upgraded readiness for confronting and combating such threats 100-fold.”
    • “The trend of the Islamic Republic’s security environment changes within the past thirty-five years demonstrates that our country has continuously been one of the main players in the Dominant System's and Arrogance's military strategy…[and they are] continuously seeking to design and implement various scenarios for confronting the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic.”
    • “Thanks be to God, IRGC Ground Forces, with an in-depth understanding of threats, and intelligent and strong presence in the enemy’s [monitored] points, has been able to neutralize the anti-revolutionary conspiracies through the people’s support and domestic capacity of our border areas. More than ever, it has been able to create the necessary groundwork for blossoming, progress, construction, eliminating poverty and answering the people’s needs at the hands of [the country's] executive organs.”
    • “What is considered the expectations of the Supreme Leader and Commander in Chief, and in reality is the [IRGC’s] secret of success, is daily strengthening of spirituality, awareness and the spirit of faith and purity in [the IRGC], because if there is no strength of faith, spirituality and wisdom, certainly military power will not have any results.” 
  • IRGC Deputy Commander BG Hossein Salami praised the ability of the Navy to go “fist to first” with any global powers and raised the importance of naval power in deterrence:
    • “The IRGC Navy, which has formed lines against the enemies in the sea and are not afraid of the enemy’s massive weapons, have taught us the secret of immortality.”
    • “Cultural invasion is a jihadi action field, and a reality exists that our confrontations with the enemy will become more physical and goal-oriented over time.”
    • “The enemy, by meddling in this region, seeks to put us in a bottleneck from a political and military aspect, and against them we must possess the necessary power and adequacy, because our enemy does not formally recognize the power of logic.”
    • “The sea is our deterrence field, and we can penetrate the world and the enemy’s imaginative dreams and manage a war.”
    • “The enemy must be astonished against Iranian will and power in such a way that it will not imagine crossing this field, and in this case, we will achieve deterrence.”
    • “Military power must add value to the country’s geopolitics.”
    • “We must defend our essential interests in the sea and place the enemy in danger.”
    • “[The IRGC] has had an important role [in exposing Zionists].” 
  • IRGC Navy Commander Admiral Ali Fadavi said, “In case America acts stupidly and confronts Iran, there will be no results other than the destruction of American ships and the sending [home] of American bodies.”
  • Armed Forces General Staff Basij Affairs and Defense Culture Deputy BG Massoud Jazayeri discussed the potential American attack against Syria:
    • “What is currently considered an American and English military operation against the oppressed Syrian people is a Zionist operation whose goal is the strengthening of the occupying Zionists morale, which is dying.”
    • “The unreasonable rulers of America, who have taken many of that country’s people to poverty and homelessness with heavy costs, are once against seeking to impose new costs.”
    • “An attack against Syria is not only a measure against the oppressed Syrian Muslims, it is also a betrayal to humanity, including the people of America and West, and the outcome of such a foul measure is unpredictable.”
    • “Americans must set aside this idiotic pride and if they have the ability to spend, [spend it by] saving the American people.”
    • “In case of an anti-Syrian front military measure, the Syrian people will resist and the result of their resistance is victory, and, God Willing, the fire of this fiasco will burn the Zionists.” 
  • Addressing the closing ceremony of the Sixth International Scientific Islamic Revolution Pioneers League, Head of the Basij Organization BG Mohammad Reza Naghdi said that the “terrorist” chemical weapons attack is an excuse for an American intervention:
    • “Today in Syria, US-supported terrorists kill people from various tribes, ethnicity and even children with chemical weapons as an excuse for America’s invasion.” 

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