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Yemen: The Yemen brief is on hold until Tuesday, September 12

Somalia: SFG plans to use local militias to lead revamped offensive against al Shabaab after recent setbacks; Somali president meets with frontline troops in central Somalia; over 100 al Shabaab militants surrender through amnesty program in July and August; US helps finance logistical and medevac equipment for Somali and AU forces

Yemen Security Brief

The Yemen brief will resume on Tuesday, September 12.

Somalia Security Brief

Somali officials said the Somali Federal Government (SFG) is planning to give local militias the lead role in continuing the offensive against al Shabaab in central Somalia.[i] Officials said the SFG plans to boost local mobilization, will pay local fighters monthly stipends, and will register local militiamen and eventually integrate them into the Somali National Army (SNA) in the long term. The SNA will take a supporting role as it rotates newly-trained soldiers to the frontline.[ii] Al Shabaab overran an SNA base in the Galgudud region on August 26, inflicting dozens of casualties and forcing SNA forces to retreat from several recently liberated villages in central Somalia.[iii]

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud met with troops and local leaders in Adan Yabal, Middle Shabelle region, central Somalia, on September 6 and 7.[iv]

The SFG announced on September 7 that more than 100 al Shabaab militants surrendered through an amnesty program between July and August.[v]

The United States announced on September 5 that it was donating $2 million to the UN mission in Somalia to help finance improved logistical and medevac support for Somali and African Union forces.[vi]

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