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A regularly updated review of both Yemen and the Horn of Africa covering topics related to security, governance, and militant activity.

Yemen: US Navy intercepts Iranian arms shipment to Yemen; Saudi Arabia offers to pay Houthi salaries

Somalia: Al Shabaab claims attacks on Kenyan ATMIS soldiers in southern Somalia; Somali Security Forces arrest a preacher accused of spreading pro-al Shabaab ideology

Yemen Security Brief:

The US Navy seized 70 tons of ammonium perchlorate in the Gulf of Oman on November 15.[i] The ammonium perchlorate was bound for Yemen from Iran. Ammonium perchlorate is used to make rocket and missile fuel. The US Navy’s 5th Fleet commander said 70 tons of ammonium perchlorate could fuel “more than a dozen medium-range ballistic missiles.” This was the 5th Fleet’s first interdiction of ammonium perchlorate. 

Yemeni news outlet South24 reported on November 15 that Saudi Arabia offered the Houthis $150 million to pay salaries in Houthi-controlled ministries.[ii] The Houthis reportedly rejected the offer. Saudi Arabia briefed the Yemeni president about the offer but offered the money unilaterally. 

Somalia Security Brief:

Al Shabaab claimed to attack Kenyan African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) forces in multiple areas of southern Somalia, on November 15. Al Shabaab said an improvised explosive device killed eight Kenyan ATMIS soldiers near Ras Kamboni, Badhadhe district, Lower Jubba region. Al Shabaab also claimed to attack two Kenyan ATMIS bases near Tabto, in Lower Jubba’s Afmadow district, and Burcolow, in Lower Shabelle’s Barawe district.[iii]

Somali Security Forces arrested a preacher in Mogadishu on November 14. The Somali Federal Government accused the preacher of spreading extremist ideology in support of al Shabaab.[iv]

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