Caucasus Security Brief

The Caucasus Security was an update and assessment that ran from May-July 2010.

Caucasus Security Brief – May 8 to May 14, 2010

Russian officials announce death of Moscow subway bombing organizers; several terrorist plots targeting May 9 Victory Day celebrations disrupted; Caucasus Emirate financier detained in North Ossetia; security forces kill militant responsible for Dagestani rail station blast; fake bomb discovered in Dagestani mosque; twelve slain in ambush in Dagestan; Karachay-Cherkessk presidential aide murdered; gunmen kill policeman along Caucasus Federal Highway; suicide bomber fails to strike Dagestani military base; and bomb explodes at Dagestani rail station.

Moscow Metro Bombings

  • Authorities shot dead three suspected organizers of the March 29, 2010, Moscow metro bombings after they violently resisted arrest, Federal Security Service (FSB) Chief, Aleksandr Bortnikov, announced on May 13.[1]

Other Russian Anti-Terror Activities

  • Russian Federation Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliev announced on May 13 that law enforcement agents had disrupted several terrorist plots intended to strike May 9 Victory Day celebrations in various cities across Russia.[2]

  • A spokesman for the FSB Directorate for North Ossetia announced the detainment of suspected Caucasus Emirate financier, Yevgeniy Petrov.  Authorities suspect Petrov of raising money in Kazakhstan and the Ukraine on Doku Umarov’s direct orders and seized him while in possession of R 1.5m (approx. USD 49,000) as well as USD 20,000.[3]

  • Russian security forces killed militants responsible for the railway platform bombing in Derbent, Dagestan, during a special operation on May 9.  An FSB spokesman offered no further details.[4]

Militant Operations and Other Incidents of Violence

  • Authorities discovered a fake bomb in a mosque in Karamakhi, Buinak district, Dagestan, on May 13.[5]

  • Also on May 13, eight civilian repairmen and four police escorts died in Sergokalinsk District, Dagestan, when a booby-trapped vehicle exploded as their convoy passed and gunmen opened fire on them from concealed positions.  The convoy had been en route to a cell-phone and TV transmission tower that militants had sabotaged the night before.[6]

  • Masked men murdered Fral Shebzukhov, an aide to the Republican President of Karachay-Cherkessk, in the capital city of Cherkessk on May 12.[7]

  • Unidentified gunmen shot dead a traffic police officer at his guard post along the Caucasus Federal Highway near Kyzburun, Baksansky District, Kabardino-Balkaria, on May 10.[8]

  • A suicide bomber blew up his car as police stopped him at a checkpoint in Kaspiisk, Dagestan, near a military base on May 9.  Only the terrorist perished; police assert they prevented a major attack.[9]

  • A bomb fixed to a police car exploded in Tyrnyauz, Kabardino-Balkaria, on May 8, severely injuring one policeman. [10]

  • A bomb hidden in a trash can on a railway platform in Derbent, Dagestan, killed one woman and injured eight others including three policemen on May 7.[11]

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