Caucasus Security Brief

The Caucasus Security was an update and assessment that ran from May-July 2010.

At least 7 bombings between May 20 and May 28 in the North Caucasus; Stavropol bombing suspects detained in Ingushetia; bomb kills 7, wounds 40 in Stavropol; Russian prosecutor says police are incapable of halting violence in N. Caucasus; Moscow’s envoy to the Caucasus Khloponin reiterates corruption crackdown goal; suspects identified in deputy prosecutor murder in Kabardo-Balkaria; Chechen security forces kill 2 militants in Goity; Chechen security forces kill 2 militants in Shali; March 31 Kizlyar bombing suspect detained; gunmen attack pipeline in Dagestan; bomb explodes in Nalchik; explosive device discovered at Baksan police station; bomb targets police car in Tyrnyauz, Kabardo-Balkaria; explosive device found at Tyrnyauz memorial; blast wounds two Ministry of Interior Affairs (MVD) troops in Shali; two bombs explode in coordination in Dagestan; gunmen shoot, injure two investigators in Nazran; three off-duty guards killed in Kabardo-Balkaria; gas pipeline explosion near Kizlyar; deputy prosecutor murdered in Baksan; controversial North Ossetian mufti resigns.


Stavropol Bombing

  • Authorities detained two suspects involved in the Stavropol bombing and returned them to Stavropol for questioning on May 27, according to a source in Ingushetia’s security services.  The Ingush branch of the Federal Security Service (FSB) did not confirm this report.[i]

  • According to local authorities, a shrapnel-packed, remotely triggered bomb disguised as a juice carton exploded at a Stavropol café just beside the city’s Palace of Culture and Sport moments before a Chechen folk-dance concert on May 26.  The explosion killed at least seven civilians and wounded over forty gathered in a crowd. No group has claimed responsibility.[ii]

Candid Observation from Senior Russian Official

  • A senior Russian federal prosecutor, Alexander Bastrykin, declared that police in the North Caucasus are incapable of tackling the recent wave of violence across the North Caucasus on May 28.[iii]

Statement from the Presidential envoy to the North Caucasus

  • Presidential envoy to the North Caucasus, Aleksandr Khloponin, reiterated his goal to crackdown on corruption and nepotism, part of his effort to improve socioeconomic conditions and reduce violence in the region, on May 27.[iv]

Other Russian Anti-Militant Activities

Militant Operations and other Incidents of Violence

Civil-Society Events

  • The Spiritual Board of Muslims of North Ossetia (DUMSO) accepted the resignation of the republic’s controversial, Salafi-sympathetic mufti, Ali-haji Yevteyev, on May 24.  Yevteyev’s appointment previously had been an experiment by authorities to foster greater dialogue between Salafi and Shafii adherents.[xix]

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