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Katherine Zimmerman and Marisa Cochrane Sullivan

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Yemen’s unrest will likely continue beyond any resolution to the political crisis in the capital. Sectarian tensions have increased in al Houthi-controlled Sa’ada governorate, for example.

Fighting flared in Taiz early this morning. Pro-government forces fought with opposition tribesmen in the city. Pro-government forces allegedly fired mortar and tank shells into opposition-held neighborhoods in the city. The fighting killed at least nine people, including an opposition tribal leader Abdullah al Sabri, and injured forty others, according to a medic. Yemen’s defense ministry reported that security forces responded to the opposition’s takeover of government buildings and banks in the city.

Clashes between loyalist forces and opposition tribesmen in Sana’a’s northern al Hasaba district killed three people, according to medics and the interior ministry. Medics also reported that seven others were injured. Defected General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar has reportedly relocated his headquarters for a third time after an alleged assassination attempt on October 27.

Sa’ada residents reported that al Houthis have established checkpoints around a Sunni school, Dar al Hadith, in Dimaj over the past eight days. The school’s principal remains loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh, which has helped increase tensions. Al Houthis attempted to take control of Sunni-controlled al Baraqa Mountain, overlooking the school and Sunni tribesmen blocked al Boqa’ road in Sa’ada, which connects the governorate to Saudi Arabia. The Sana’a-Sa’ada road has been blocked by anti-government Hashid tribesmen. Al Houthis seized control of Sa’ada governorate and installed an arms dealer, Fares Mana’a, as the governor.

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