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Katherine Zimmerman and Marisa Cochrane Sullivan

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Yemen’s unrest is unlikely to be resolved by renewed dialogue between the ruling and opposition parties. Anti-government demonstrations are occurring throughout the country. In the south, al Qaeda-linked militants continue to challenge local power structures.

Regular clashes are ongoing in Sana’a. Fighting resumed in al Hasaba district between loyalist troops and opposition tribesmen. A tribal source reported that two tribesmen were killed and 13 others injured. Gunfire exchanged in Tagheer (Change) Square killed one person and injured six others. Two people were killed on Sunday and at least 14 soldiers were injured, including five defected soldiers from the First Armored Division.

Anti-government protests outside of the capital continue to be met with violence. Fighting between loyalist troops and opposition tribesmen killed one person in Taiz. Additionally, protesters in Ghalil district in Hudaydah reported that they were attacked with live ammunition by “thugs.”

Al Qaeda-linked militants still control territory in Abyan and may be increasingly targeting military and government personnel in Aden. Fighting between al Qaeda-linked militants and tribesmen killed three people near Zinjibar. Unidentified militants opened fire on government soldiers at a military installation in al Mualla in Aden, killing two soldiers and injuring four others.

Demonstrators marched in Sa’ada governorate, under the control of the al Houthis, on October 21 against American and Saudi intervention in Yemen. A pro-Houthi website noted that delegations from Taiz and Hudaydah were present at the march.

The ongoing political crisis in the capital has placed the Yemeni state at risk of a broader armed conflict. Further, the Yemeni state has been undergoing fragmentation. Al Qaeda has seized control of territory in south Yemen and the current situation has increased the organization’s operating space in the country.

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