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Katherine Zimmerman

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Renewed fighting in Sana’a and violence throughout the country indicate that a negotiated transition of power may not end Yemen’s crisis. Al Qaeda-linked militants continue to hold territory seized in Abyan governorate in the south.

Clashes broke out between opposition tribesmen and government troops in the capital. Hashid tribesmen fought with Republican Guard troops in al Hasaba district in northern Sana’a. Two tribesmen were killed and five others were wounded in the fighting. Further, the office of defected General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar, the commander of the First Armored Brigade, reported that one of his personal guards had been killed and five others injured in today’s fighting. Defected soldiers deployed along Thalatheen (30th) Street fought with Republican Guard forces along Amran Street near Tagheer (Change) Square.

A car bomb went off inside of a military camp in Sa’ada in north Yemen. At least one soldier was killed and seven others injured in the explosion. It is unclear who is behind the attack.

Overnight shelling occurred in Taiz in central Yemen. Residents report that Republican Guard and 33rd Armored Brigade troops shelled areas near Tahrir (Freedom) Square in Taiz.

The ongoing political crisis in the capital has placed the Yemeni state at risk of a broader armed conflict. Further, the Yemeni state has been undergoing fragmentation. Al Qaeda has seized control of territory in south Yemen and the current situation has increased the organization’s operating space in the country.