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The Yemeni state has lost control over parts of south Yemen, where local militias have mobilized to fill the security vacuum. The Yemeni military has failed to defeat al Qaeda-linked militants in Abyan governorate.

Abyan’s tribal militias have mobilized to oust al Qaeda-linked militants. Yemen’s defense ministry reported that al Qaeda-linked militants have taken up positions in the minarets of mosques in Zinjibar, the capital of Abyan governorate. Fighting in Zinjibar killed four militants and one soldier. Tribal militias in Mudia and Lawder mobilized against the militants, killing one militant and injuring four others, according to Yemeni security officials.

Militants are active in Aden. Clashes occurred in Aden’s Dar Saad and al Hiswa districts when security forces hit two civilians during the pursuit of militants. Militants ambushed a military vehicle near Aden, killing an officer and two soldiers.

Control over Taiz remains contested. Tribesmen still control parts of the governorate capital. Yemeni security forces fired artillery shells at the tribesmen’s positions, killing two people in al Rawdha district.

The Yemeni state is undergoing fragmentation as al Qaeda-linked militants seize control of the south. The current situation has increased al Qaeda's operating space in Yemen.

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