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Katherine Zimmerman

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The unrest in Yemen is leading to state fragmentation. The Yemeni military has been unable to regain control of territory.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s son is occupying his father’s vacant offices. Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, who commands the Republican Guard forces, moved into the presidential palace after his father left for Saudi Arabia. The vice president, now the acting president, works from his own office in the Defense Ministry.

Southern separatists attacked a military checkpoint outside of al Habilain in Lahij governorate. Five soldiers and three separatists were killed in the fighting. The attack may indicate a resumption of separatist activity in Lahij after about a three-month period of quiet.

Yemeni war planes bombed targets north of Jaar, where militants had taken up position. Jaar has been controlled by militants since early April. The Yemeni government has reported that the militants are linked to al Qaeda. Residents of Shabwah, Abyan, and Hadramawt governorates, all known al Qaeda safe havens, report that militants are operating in the open and are in control of Rawdah and Hawta in Shabwah governorate.

Yemen’s power vacuum has led groups to seize control of cities and increases the likelihood of state fragmentation. The country also remains at risk of a renewed armed conflict.

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