Pakistan Security Brief

Pakistan Security Brief – May 25, 2010

Mehsud militants start leaving North Waziristan after Pakistan’s military threatens military action, Afghan intelligence agency accuses ISI of role in suicide bombing,; alleged Mumbai mastermind cleared by Pakistan’s Supreme Court; security forces kill thirteen militants in clashes in Orakzai Agency, NATO installs surveillance system along Af-Pak border; United Nations Chief calls for increased donor contributions to meet funding shortfall in Pakistan,  militant leaders houses destroyed and five arrested in Minglawar area, Indian Premier wants improved economic and diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

Mehsud militants agree to leave NWA

Afghan spy agency accuses Pakistan

  • Saeed Ansari, an Afghan intelligence official, accused Pakistan’s intelligence agency of involvement in last week’s suicide bombings that killed six NATO troops and twelve Afghan civilians. The remarks came during a news conference on Monday announcing the arrest of seven suspects involved in the attack. “When we say that those attacks were plotted from the other side of the border, the intelligence service of our neighboring country has definitely had its role in equipping and training of this group,” Mr Ansari Said.[2]

Mumbai “mastermind” released


NATO installs border surveillance

 UN to meet IDPs’ needs in Pakistan


Indian PM stresses economy and diplomacy

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