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Supreme Court orders New Prime Minister Pervez Ashraf to open old corruption case against President Zardari; Indian Home Minister alleges Pakistani state involvement in 2008 Mumbai terror attacks; U.S. calls for stronger “counterterrorism relationship” with Pakistan; U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Munter says U.S. regrets Salala border strike; U.S. drone kills five militants in North Waziristan; Pakistan Army target of “vicious attack” by al Qaeda; Pakistan security forces conduct multiple offensive operations in FATA; Pakistan Frontier Corps arrests two militants in Quetta. 

New Prime Minister and Domestic Politics

India-Pakistan Relations

  • On Wednesday, Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram stated that Indian authorities’ interrogation of Sayed Zabiuddin, the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) member alleged to have handled the ten gunmen responsible for the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, confirmed the involvement of Pakistani state actors in the attacks. Though not specifying a particular agency, Chidambaram said “clearly there was state support or state actors’ support” for the attacks. Rehman Malik, internal affairs advisor to the Pakistani prime minister, denied the allegations, suggesting instead that three Indian citizens had been involved in the attacks and that India’s information on Zabuiddin was incomplete.[2]   

U.S.-Pakistan Relations

Drone Strikes

International Relations


  • The News quoted sources in Islamabad who said that “al-Qaeda has launched a vicious attack on [the] Pakistan Army which is a major threat to its designs.” The sources highlighted a July 2012 message by al Qaeda and a January 2012 video by the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) that were critical of the Pakistan Army and encouraged launching a jihad against Pakistan. The sources called these developments, and attacks on Pakistani forces by al Qaeda-allied groups, a “progressive attack on the Pakistan Army and its credibility.”[9]

  • Police found the bodies of four people, including the leader of a 1,500-strong anti-Taliban militia, in a vehicle in the Bazid Khel area of Peshawar on Wednesday. Though no group has claimed responsibility, police said the Taliban and warlord Mangal Bagh, leader of the Lashkar-e-Islam militia in Khyber tribal district, had targeted the militia's chief Fahimud Din several times in the past.[10]

  • Security forces claim to have carried out several offensive operations in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) on Tuesday. Security forces killed eight militants, including three commanders, and destroyed two militant hideouts amid heavy shelling in the Botakhel area of Orakzai agency on Tuesday. Simultaneously, warplanes targeted suspected militants near Khyber agency, though no casualties have been reported. Security forces also employed heavy artillery and mortar firing in Miram Shah, North Waziristan on Monday after suspected militants fired two rockets at a paramilitary base in Miram Shah.[11]   

  • On Tuesday, Sindh police arrested six suspects in connection with the TTP attack on a Pakistani television station on Monday that resulted in the injury of two employees. Police seized weapons and detained the suspects – five of Pashtun descent and one Baloch— during a raid in Patel Para, Karachi.[12]

  • One civilian was killed and another injured in Karachi on Wednesday when a hand grenade exploded in the Agra Taj Colony of Lyari. Another hand grenade attack occurred in the Dalmia area of Karachi on the same day, injuring three people. Police in Karachi also killed three alleged criminals during a clash at Jail Road on Tuesday night.[13]

  • The Frontier Corps (FC) arrested two militants with suspected links to a banned organization in Quetta, Balochistan on Tuesday. FC personnel intercepted a vehicle at Imdad Chowk near the railway station on Zarghoon Road. The officers arrested the driver of the vehicle after seizing explosive materials. Subsequently, police arrested another suspect and seized weapons at a building near Sariab Road in the Mill area of Quetta. FC Sector Commander Brigadier Abdul Rashid and Police Deputy Inspector General Hamid Shakil said the arrested were promised $15,850 by the Baloch Republican Army Commander to carry out attacks on government officials and organizations in Quetta.[14]   

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