Pakistan Security Brief

Pakistan Security Brief –April 7, 2010

Military operations continue in Orakzai; three men missing after interviewing senior Taliban members; police arrest six in Timergara; Pakistani intelligence warned the government of upcoming suicide attacks; military operations have failed to eliminate top TTP leadership; three men shot in Balochistan; Pakistan’s Parliament will vote on proposed changes to the Constitution this week.


  • Security forces and jets continued to target and bomb militants in Orakzai on Tuesday. Operations in various areas of the agency—Goeen, Sangara, and Kasha—left at least 14 militants dead. The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman for Orakzai, however, said the reports were false as the destroyed houses were empty at the time of the bombings. An official from Orakzai, Riaz Mehsud, announced that security forces have cleared militants from 90 percent of lower Orazai. Militants also attacked a Frontier Corps checkpoint in neighboring Hangu district, and personnel at the checkpoint returned fire with artillery.[1] (For detailed daily updates on Pakistani military operations in Orakzai, CLICK HERE).


Suicide bombings

  • Pakistani intelligence informed the government of militant attacks that may possibly be planned in April. Intelligence mentioned several locations in Karachi that are suspected of being the target of an upcoming attack. Officials also say a suicide bomber hailing from South Waziristan may be preparing to launch an attack in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, or Karachi.[4]

  • A recent editorial from Dawn discusses the how the top TTP leadership still command the organization despite recent Pakistani military operations aimed at preventing men such as Qari Hussain from launching suicide bombings.[5]


National politics

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