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The Iran News Round Up ran from February 2009-September 2018. Visit the Iran File for the latest analysis.

A selection of the latest news stories and editorials published in Iranian news outlets, compiled by AEI Critical Threats Project Iran Analyst Will Fulton and Iran Intern Amir Toumaj, with contributor John Lesnewich. To receive this daily newsletter, please subscribe online.

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Military and Security

Nuclear Issue

  • Senior nuclear negotiator Abbas Ali Eraghchi discussed nuclear negations:
    • “We hope that we will reach a point after two or three rounds of negotiations that nuclear understanding is signed between Iran and the P5+1 and of course this matter has many enemies, including the Zionist regime.”
    • “We will not retreat from the Iranian nation’s rights.”
    • “Decision-making regarding the [NPT] Additional Protocol is at the hands of the Parliament and we have stated this to the opposing side. From their perspective, this is a very large confidence-building step. Of course if the Parliament is to make a decision, it is not possible in current circumstances. It is possible for Parliament to approve this if it feels that final steps have been taken and national interests are well secured.”
    • “The main load of confidence building is on the shoulders of the American government, and we look at their movement and policies with a pessimistic and suspicious outlook.”
    • “We hope that in future negotiations, we [can] fill the accepted framework with content approved by both sides and get closer to the operationalization stage of the design.”
    • In the course of negotiations, we must reach a point where all sanctions, including [UN] Security Council, unilateral and multilateral sanctions or any other sanctions are lifted. Whether the the sanctions are lifted gradually or immediately depends on the trend of negotiations.”
  • Member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Parliamentary Commission (NSFP) Javad Karimi Ghodousi talked about his meeting with leading member of Iran’s nuclear negotiations team Abbas Eraghchi and relayed Eraghchi’s thoughts on Iran’s red lines:
    • On the P5+1’s demand that Iran signs the NPT Additional Protocol: “This issue is not under the control of the government, but under the control of Parliament. Parliament has previously imposed law here and is a barrier. However, if you [the P5+1] lift all of the sanctions, maybe the Iranian Parliament will review signing the Additional Protocol.”
    • “Frankly, the right to enrichment must be accepted.”
    • “Eragchi announced to the representatives: ‘We specified the red lines, Fordo, the Arak heavy water reactor, and the principle of enrichment.’” 
  • Regarding the nuclear team briefing of the NSFP on Sunday, NSFP Spokesman MP Hossein Naghavi Hosseini said, “precise reporting regarding negotiations and Geneva dialogues to MPs and commission members was emphasized” and that “Additional Protocols has its own path and that path is the Parliament. ”
  • Deputy Foreign Minister for European and American Affairs Majid Takht Ravanchi met with Head of the European Parliament’s Socialist Party Hannes Swoboda to talk about a variety of issues, including the nuclear file. Ravanchi expressed that the Iranian government is serious about negotiations and moving towards a solution. He emphasized that Iran was prepared to play a positive role in the Geneva 2 negotiations, but would not accept preconditions. Ravanchi added that the sanctions were illegal and that lifting them would be a confidence building measure that showed good will. 


Photo of the Day

  • Photo gallery of the historic Blue Mosque (Kabud) in Tabriz. 


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