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A regularly updated review of both Yemen and the Horn of Africa covering topics related to security, governance, and militant activity.

Yemen: Gunman kills soldier in Sa’ada; “peace convoy” heads to Dhaleh to protest violence; riot in Hodeida province’s central prison wounds at least thirteen

Horn of Africa: TFG condemns Islamist restrictions on watching World Cup; 200 newly trained troops arrive in Mogadishu; Somaliland forces targeting new militant group; Ethiopian Supreme Court to hear election challenge

Yemen Security Brief  

  • A gunman has shot and killed a government soldier in Sa’ada.  The Yemeni government alleges that he was an al Houthi rebel; however, a spokesman has denied any connection to the incident.  Yemeni authorities have the man in custody.[1]
  • Activists are preparing to send a “peace convoy” to Dhaleh to protest recent violence in the south and to put pressure on the government to lift a blockade of the area.  The convoy will reportedly involve 70 to 100 participants, including medics, lawyers, and civil society groups.[2]
  • Over 435 African inmates fought Yemeni guards in the central prison in Hodeida province after Yemen ignored their demand to be deported to their native countries.  Most of them had been arrested after illegally entering the country.  At least seven soldiers and six prisoners were injured during the course of the riot.[3]
  Horn of Africa Security Brief  
  • The TFG condemned restrictions imposed by Hizb al Islam and al Shabaab on watching the soccer World Cup. It also denounced the actions taken by those Islamist groups against viewers as un-Islamic.[4]
  • 200 newly trained troops flew into the Mogadishu airport from Sudan, where they had been trained.  Reports say other troops may be deployed from Sudan, but there is no confirmation on the number.[5]
  • Somaliland forces are targeting a new militant group believed to have ties to al Shabaab, the SSC (Sool, Sanag, Cayn) militants in the Sool region, which is disputed territory between Puntland and Somaliland.  The SSC is believed to be against Somaliland elections.  Puntland has denied any connections.[6]
  • Ethiopia’s Supreme Court announced it would consider a request by the Medrek opposition alliance to void the May 23 elections results.[7]  

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