The Qayfa tribe is a powerful presence in al Bayda

February 07, 2013

Chart: Qayfa Tribe Hierarchy

The Qayfa tribe is a powerful presence in al Bayda. The region in which it operates is considered semi-autonomous by local officials, even though it has no official standing as an administrative district in Yemen.[1] The Dhahab tribe, a Qayfa sub-tribe, has produced many sheikhs for the Qayfis.[2] It has also produced high-profile leaders for Ansar al Sharia, the insurgent wing of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), such as the deceased Tareq al Dhahab and Abdul Raoof al Dhahab.[3] However, the tribe is not united in support for Ansar al Sharia or AQAP. When Tareq al Dhahab seized Rada’a, located in Qayfa territory, in January 2012, members of the Hattaimah tribe, another Qayfa sub-tribe, moved to stop him.[4]

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