Sana'a protests

May 26, 2011

Yemen Protests Briefing Packet

Sana'a protests. (Photo by Al Jazeera English/Noor al Hassan. Available at Flickr.)

The Critical Threats Project is tracking the events in Yemen closely as they unfold. Please see here for more information on the Yemen protests.

CTP has produced a briefing packet on the Yemen protests. It was updated daily to May 3 and last updated May 26. The packet will be updated as significant events occur.

  • Timeline
    • Recent developments
  • Factions
    • Youth Movement, Joint Meetings Parties, Islamist Clerics, Tribes, Military Factions, Southern Movement, al Houthis
  • External Actors
    • Saudi Arabia, Iran
  • Appendix
    • Government Structure, Key Yemeni Officials, U.S. Statements, JMP Five-Point Plan, Islamist Eight-Point Plan, Military Chain of Command, Army Command and Control

Please find the updated version of the briefing packet below for download.

Brian Riedy contributed to the research behind this briefing packet.