May 13, 2009

Mohsen Rezai Biography and Campaign News


Name: Mohsen Rezai

Birthyear: 1954[1]

Birthplace: Bakhtiari tribal areas near Masjed Soleyman, Khouzestan Province[2]

Education: High school graduate, Ph.D. in economics from Tehran University 1992[3]

Biography: Pre-revolution: Student activist, member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq organization, distances himself from it because of Marxist metamorphosis in pre-revolutionary prisons, member of the Mansouroun pre-revolutionary terrorist group since 1973. Post-revolution: Personal bodyguard of Grand Ayatollah Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini 1979, Central Committee member of the Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution faction 1979, co-founder of the Intelligence and Political Investigations Department of the IRGC 1979, IRGC Command Council member 1979, head of the IRGC expeditionary force to Torkaman Sahra to crush rebellion against central government in 1979, IRGC Commander in Chief 1981, Expediency Council Secretary since 1997.[4]

Campaign News

June 9-10 News Roundup

  • Rezai's second campaign video
  • Rezai arrives in Ahwaz
  • Rezai declares his cultural policies
  • Ali Mottahari officially endorses Rezai's candidacy.
  • (E) Rezai vowed not to back out of the presidential race, stating: “I am the representative of people who are fed up with crankiness, adventurism, and disorganization. Therefore, I will never pull out of the race in favor of other candidates.”

June 7-8 News Roundup

June 4 News Roundup

  • Rezai's campaign video criticized as lifeless.
  • (E) Rezai explained his position on Palestine, stating that he “will focus on both supporting the resistance and initiating diplomacy on an international level. Based on this plan, we will ask the United Nations to hold a referendum in Palestine.”
  • "Countering Israel is the heritage from the Imam," says Supreme Leader's advisor Ali-Akbar Velayati.
  • (E) Chairman of World Chamber of Commerce Victor Fung scheduled to visit Iran to discuss trade issues.

June 3 News Roundup

June 2 News Roundup

  • Mohsen Rezai's campaign video
  • Speaking in Boroujen, Rezai says the sweetness of the Ahmadinejad government's distribution of money will be gone with the first wave of inflation

May 29-June 1 News Roundup

May 28 News Roundup

  • Presenting his condolences to the family members of the victims in the terror bombing in Zahedan, Rezai says "million-strong participation in elections...neutralizes conspiracies of the enemy."
  • Shahab News publishes parts of Rezai's speech which was censored by Fars News: "Enrichment of uranium can take place in cooperation with European states. Admittedly the ninth government with its resilience managed to secure Iran nuclear technology but with the bullying and adventurist posture it has taken one can't reach the goal..."
  • Rezai sends Sadegh Tabatabaei abroad to raise the expatriate vote.
  • (E) Breaking from his attacks on Ahmadinejad, Rezai challenges Mousavi’s economic agenda, stating: “Up until a few years ago, Mousavi believed in a state-controlled economy, just like Ahmadinejad… If his views have changed, he must make a clear and strong announcement and also explain why. Otherwise, I believe that the country's economy would not benefit from his viewpoints.”

May 27 News Roundup

May 23-26 News Roundup

  • Mohsen Rezai says Ahmadinejad is unconvincing in his claims that he has not had enough economic opportunities to live up to his promises, promises to correct mistakes of past governments in the economic field, stresses that distribution of money among the people "produces beggars" and is "unproductive." 
  • (E) If elected, Rezai promises to ease tensions between Iranians and Arabs by clearing long-standing misunderstandings.
  • (E) Regarding women’s rights, Rezai promised to “put Iranian housewives on the government's payroll and… officially register the role that they are playing in the society as a job.”
  • Rezai's televised address.
  • Rezai campaign refutes rumors that he will leave the campaign to benefit Mousavi. 
  • (E) To stop a nuclear attack on Iran, Rezai advocates using “one strike” against Israel’s Damona nuclear complex, stating: “My government... understands missiles and tanks as well as foreign policy and knows exactly where Israel’s sensitive spots are.”

May 21 News Roundup  

May 19 News Roundup  

May 17-18 News Roundup  

May 16 News Roundup  

May 15 News Roundup  

 May 14 News Roundup   

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