Defeating Ansar al Sharia, even with tribal support, required significant Yemeni troop deployment

July 25, 2012

Map: Yemen Army Deployments in Abyan and Shabwah

Defeating Ansar al Sharia, even with tribal support, required significant Yemeni troop deployment. At least thirteen brigades were fully or partially deployed alongside local security forces to support tribal militias before the successes in Zinjibar, Jaar, Shaqra, and Azzan in June 2012. President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi presented accolades to over 20 security organizations for the campaign in the south on June 15, 2012.[1] The 25th Mechanized and 111th Infantry Brigades were struggling in Abyan in the fall of 2011. The 25th brigade fell under an Ansar al Sharia siege in October of 2012 and the 111th Brigade struggled with frequent attacks from Ansar al Sharia militants and local tribesmen.[2] A number of brigades, including the 39th Armored, the 119th Infantry, the 201st Mechanized, and the 115th Infantry, were sent to reinforce fighting in Zinjibar in 2011, but the military was still unable to retake the Ansar al Sharia strongholds. The 135th was deployed to reinforce the forces in Zinjibar in April of 2012, when the tide finally began to turn in favor of the Yemeni army.[3] The 26th Republican Guard Brigade and 2nd Mountain Infantry Brigade, formerly in Sana’a, moved to the assistance of the 111th in Lawder, a city in northeastern Abyan which suffered from frequent militant attacks, and Shaqra, a coastal city that fell under Ansar al Sharia control, in May and June of 2012.[4] Lawder and Shaqra were retaken in May and June, respectively. The army recaptured Azzan, an inland Shawbah city that had fallen under Ansar al Sharia control, with the assistance of two brigades sent from Ataq to clear the city in June 2012.

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