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April 11, 2013

Map: Military District Headquarter Locations

Yesterday’s decrees assigned new regional commanders of the new seven Military Districts, which were announced in December 2012. The headquarters for the new commands have also been established. The commanders are prominent leaders in the Yemeni military, including a former district commander, former deputy chiefs of staff, and a former commander of Anad Base, Yemen’s largest air base in Anad, Lahij governorate:

  • First Military District: Major General Mohammed Abdullah al Sumli, formerly commander of the 25th Mechanized Infantry in Abyan governorate

  • Second Military District: Major General Mohsen Nasser Qasim Hassan, formerly Adviser to the North-Western Military District

  • Third Military District: Major General Ahmed Saif al Yafa’i, formerly commander of the Middle Military District

  • Fourth Military District: Major General Mahmoud al Subaihi, formerly commander of Anad base and Anad Axis in Lahij governorate

  • Fifth Military District: Major General Mohammed Labuza, formerly Deputy Chief of Staff for Armament

  • Sixth Military District: Major General Mohammed Ali al Maqdashi, formerly Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army for Technical Affairs

  • Seventh Military District: Ali Mohsen Ali Muthana, formerly commander of the Missile Batteries Group (appointed December 19, 2012)

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