This map depicts tribal areas in the southern governorate of Abyan

July 25, 2012

Map: Approximate Locations of Abyan Tribes

This map depicts tribal areas in the southern governorate of Abyan.

The Fadhli and Awlaki are two of the most powerful tribes in the Abyan area. Jaar, Zinjibar, and Shaqra, cities that comprised Ansar al Sharia’s “emirate” in Abyan, fall in Fadhli territory. Tariq al Fadhli, a local potentate whose career has been marked by fluctuating alliances, is the paramount sheikh of the Fadhli confederation. He and Ansar al Sharia militants fled into the Maraqisha mountains surrounding Shaqra, according to recent reports.[1] Only smaller sub-tribes like the Audhali and Diyani have consistently combated Ansar al Sharia over the past year.

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