June 21, 2009

Letter from Iran: General Strike on Tuesday June 23

Disclaimer: We post this letter from an individual in Iran who wishes to remain anonymous. We make no claims to the authenticity, veracity, or source of the information.



News agency of students supporting the civil movement in Iran

Supporters of Mir-Hossein Mousavi, supporters of Mehdi Karrubi, supporters of Mohsen Rezai, and all friends who long for justice,

We have been witnessing the choking of justice through compromises. We have witnessed the bloodshed of the people who were asking for their rights on our streets and roads.

Maybe some people whose feeling of responsibility arises after seeing such scenes cannot get out on the streets to ask for justice.

We want to prove our unity and majority to the rulers who hide their oppression under the pretext of religion.

All workers and government and non-government workers, except workers of hospitals, health centers and fire-fighting agencies, are therefore requested not to attend their jobs on Tuesday, the 2nd of the month of Tir [ed. June 23, 2009].

All students and university workers are also requested to cooperate with us by dismissing universities on this day.

With this, we want to show our protest to the current situation in a peaceful way.

Please send this report to your relatives and those close to you throughout Iran through telephone, email or in person.