April 02, 2013

IRGC Messaging on Critical U.S. National Security Issues

Please read "IRGC Messaging: Insight into a Revolutionary Regime" for an updated assessment.

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has become a dominant force in Iranian military, political, economic and foreign affairs, and its senior commanders often speak publicly on policy issues. This assessment examines messaging over the past three years from senior IRGC officials on issues of critical importance to U.S. national security. These issues include:

  • IRGC response to an attack on Iranian territory
  • Iran’s involvement in Syria
  • Iran’s nuclear program

Officials included in this assessment are members of the IRGC Command Network (IRGC-CN) and Extended Network and occupy key positions in the IRGC.

This is not a comprehensive compilation of IRGC messaging. The selected data, however, is a representation of the IRGC’s consistent, unified messaging on these key topics (available evidence does not indicate diverging viewpoints among the IRGC’s senior leadership).