March 30, 2015

Iran's Mohsen Rezaei Writes Open Letter to Yemen's Abdul Malik al Houthi

Mohsen Rezaei, Iran's Expediency Discernment Council Secretary and former senior Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander, praised the leader of Yemen’s al Houthis, Abdul Malik al Houthi, in an open letter on March 28. Mohsen Rezaei’s impassioned statements of support for resistance movements are not rare; at the height of the Gaza conflict last July, Rezaei wrote an open-letter to the Commander of Hamas’ military wing offering arms and financial support.  The letter to Abdul Malik al Houthi, however, is not a pledge to support the Houthis with arms, but rather a statement of moral support. Rezaei congratulated Ansar Allah, the political wing of the al Houthis and said their resistance is part of the real Islamic Awakening. The letter states:

Dear brother Abdul Malik al Houthi, Yemen’s distinguished leader,

Congratulations to you, the heroic resistance of the people and the glorious victory of you the children of Islam, against Cain [referring to the Saudi-led coalition] the invaders, who attacked with the permission of the Great Satan [U.S.] and the usurper Israel… With resistance in the battlefield, the tables of diplomacy will [soon] be active. It is likely that they seek to invite you to the negotiating table—after their saber-rattling airshow—to split Yemen into North and South Yemen. Of course, you recognize your interests better than anyone, but the successful diplomacy of tomorrow is dependent on your resistance in the battlefield today.

Islamic Warriors, the justifications and arguments made by the Saudi government for attacking Yemen are so empty, flimsy and false…Who recognizes a fled resigned president [resigned Yemeni President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi] as a pretext for military action that will leave thousands of innocent people slaughtered? Unless the invaders want to see the people of Yemen massacred! They will not have an answer to your unmistakable conscience and, thus, they will say what we have said, no more excuses, and then the weakness and fear of the intruders and the lack of morality by the policing Saudi officials will be exposed through their actions. And certainly the illogical, inhuman, and un-Islamic acts will lead you, by the power of God to defeat the aggressors.

Dear revolutionary brothers and the gracious leader of Yemen, history has shown that the future is the righteous front. Today the resistance in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and Bahrain stands against the faces of aggression, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Undoubtedly, with your victory and the help of God, not only will you impact the political rhetoric of the world, but you can change the direction and destiny of the nations in the Middle East. The Middle East is moving towards a new humanitarian and Islamic order. The aggressors, for this reason, want to interfere and invade to prevent this fate. They do not want the people to achieve independence and freedom. Your crime is that you want Yemen to be governed by Yemenis. In Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, and Bahrain the same voice of the people can be heard. Can the enemies be justified if the wishes of the people in the region, who have sought [them] for hundreds of years are ignored. Surely they cannot suppress the values of Resistance (freedom, independence, democracy, within the framework of Islam) in the hearts and souls of the people. 

Today, the real Islamic Awakening is happening in the Islamic world. The desperate efforts of creating ethnic and religious wars by the ignorant and prejudice Zionist regime could not silence the Islamic Awakening. Everyone knows that Iran does not have a single military element in Yemen. Nevertheless, the enemies seek to promote this position. They are even afraid of the hospital beds of Iran [that are in Yemen]…The Sharm al Sheikh meeting [March 29 Arab League summit on Yemen], was a show to compare the power of the Kings to that of God. There is no doubt that the Resistance will win the war against aggression. The world is thirsty for resistance against the invaders… It is in the best interests of our brothers Cain to immediately stop the attacks and to discuss the issues with you [the people of Yemen]. The only path to solve the problems in Islamic countries is fraternal dialogue at the table. (Tasnim News Agency)

Letter translated by Mehrdad Moarefian.