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Competing Jihad: The Islamic State and al Qaeda

The Islamic State’s success is energizing the entire global jihadist movement, including al Qaeda, to compete with one another in violent conquest and terror. The U.S. must act decisively for the danger is clear and present.

Pakistani Government’s Survival in Question Following Violent Clashes with Protesters

Pakistan's political crisis finally boiled over and clashes between riot police and anti-government protesters turned the capital, Islamabad, into a warzone. The violence and instability of the situation has called the government's survival into question.

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  • Multiple crises throughout the world—in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, and now Israel—have pulled attention from growing violence in East Africa. Al Qaeda’s group in Somalia, al Shabaab, now has an operational reach that covers all of the Horn of Africa.

  • Degrading al Qaeda leadership is central to American counterterrorism strategy, but the leaders today are not the same as they were in 2001. Al Qaeda leaders are no longer necessarily connected by formal networks and many operate outside of any formal affiliation to the al Qaeda network.

Daily News Brief

Iran News Round Up

  • Iranian officials condemn Israeli airstrikes; Rouhani administration released economic policies to spur growth and reduce inflation

Pakistan Security Brief

  • Army chief asked to mediate political crisis, controversy over who made the request; Army chief reportedly assures PTI of unbiased judicial; Army chief expected to meet Prime Minister Sharif; PAT chief Tahirul Qadri rejects criminal case filed by government on its behalf, demands re-registration; Government-led joint talks with PAT and PTI end in deadlock again; Police intercept truck carrying nonlethal weapons to PAT protestors; Two-thirds of respondents polled do not support demand for Prime Minister Sharif’s resignation; Army chief attends joint Sino-Pak military exercise; Militants kill three civilians in Quetta, Balochistan; Security forces recover kidnapped academic from North Waziristan; Jamatul Ahrar IED attack injures four security officials in Baizai, Mohmand Agency; Indian Foreign Ministry signals willingness to reopen bilateral dialogue regarding Kashmir; Afghan border police detains 27 Pakistanis in Paktika; State Bank of Pakistan confirms receipt of $371.4 million from U.S. under CSF program.

Gulf of Aden Security Review

  • Yemen: AQAP religious judge comments on recent al Houthi events in Sana’a; UN Security Council condemns al Houthi military actions; presidential committee issues statement calling for Yemeni citizens to demonstrate throughout Yemen; unidentified gunmen detonate VBIED at Yemeni military checkpoint in Hadramawt. Horn of Africa: AMISOM and Somali National Army forces seize territory from al Shabaab in Hiraan region; Somaliland security forces clash with Khatumo administration militiamen in Sool region.