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In Fight Against ISIS, the U.S. Must Lead, and Not Rely on Allies

The Islamic State is a threat to the United States of America, and that is the primary reason we must defeat it. The United States has capabilities that no other state or group in the world has, and that is why we must lead this effort.

A Strategy to Defeat the Islamic State

The Islamic State is a clear and present danger to the security of the U.S. We must therefore pursue an iterative approach that tests basic assumptions, develops our understanding, and builds partnerships with willing parties on the ground, especially the Sunni Arabs in Iraq.

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  • Multiple crises throughout the world—in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, and now Israel—have pulled attention from growing violence in East Africa. Al Qaeda’s group in Somalia, al Shabaab, now has an operational reach that covers all of the Horn of Africa.

  • Degrading al Qaeda leadership is central to American counterterrorism strategy, but the leaders today are not the same as they were in 2001. Al Qaeda leaders are no longer necessarily connected by formal networks and many operate outside of any formal affiliation to the al Qaeda network.

Daily News Brief

Iran News Round Up

  • Government officials begin policy responses to country-wide water crisis; Senior member of Iranian-backed Iraqi Shia militia gives detailed account of operations against ISIS to Iranian state media; Head of Iranian-backed Iraqi Shia political group calls the international coalition against ISIS without Iran a failure; Iranian officials reject cooperation with the US against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS); Intensive P5+1 negotiations begin in New York; Iran and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to hold "technical meeting" regarding suspected weaponization program.

Pakistan Security Brief

  • Opposition political jirga presents fresh proposals; Prime Minister Sharif addresses Parliament; Indian Prime Minister Modi calls AQIS “delusional”; Three LI militants killed in IED in Bara, Khyber Agency; AQIS claims all militants in Karachi dockyard attack were rogue naval officers; Vehicles of IDPs allegedly being impounded by officials; Bomb explodes near former MPA’s house in Peshawar.

Gulf of Aden Security Review

  • Yemen: Al Houthi militants shell Yemeni State TV building in Sana’a; Yemeni army tanks surround arrive at President Hadi’s residence; Yemeni Air Force launches strikes in Sana’a; UN Special Envoy to Yemen leaves negotiations al Houthi leader in Sa’ada; suspected AQAP gunmen assassinate Yemeni military official in Taiz. Horn of Africa: Unidentified assailants attack café in Kenya’s North Eastern Province; Civilians protest security issues in Mogadishu and Kenya’s North Eastern Province.