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Fighting Forces in Libya: January 2017

U.S.-backed Libyan partners are prioritizing the protection of their interests in Libya’s ongoing civil war over the fight against Salafi-jihadi groups.

Understanding Russia Today: Russia's Many Revisions

Russia is on a collision course with the West. War is not inevitable. Confrontation and conflict are. The sources of hostility are primarily within Russia. They transcend the aims of Vladimir Putin, but spring rather from fundamental problems created during the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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Iran News Round Up

  • Iranian officials opposed Turkey and Russia’s call for the U.S. to participate in the upcoming Syrian peace talks in Kazakhstan.

Gulf of Aden Security Review

  • Yemen: UN Special Envoy for Yemen postpones trip to Sana’a; AQAP militants attack Emirati-backed counterterrorism forces in southern Abyan governorate; AQAP militants attack al Houthi-Saleh forces in southern al Bayda governorate. Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab militants ambush SNA convoy in Bakool region; al Shabaab militants ambush two AMISOM convoys in Middle Shabelle region; African Union official meets with Burundian government.