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ISIS’s Courses of Action - Out of Sirte

ISIS is laying the groundwork to abandon Sirte and will then pursue an alternate course of action to continue its campaign in North Africa without its Libyan stronghold.

Signaling Saudi Arabia: Iranian Support to Yemen's al Houthis

Iranian activities in Yemen are not about Yemen. They are, rather, part of the regional struggle between Saudi Arabia and Iran that is now playing out on battlefields and in political and diplomatic arenas throughout the Middle East.

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Iran News Round Up

  • Iran’s participation in the Hajj remains uncertain despite comments by the undersecretary of Saudi Arabia’s Hajj Ministry that a preliminary agreement has been signed.

Gulf of Aden Security Review

  • Yemen: Security forces find and clear IEDs in Aden mosques; delegations in Kuwait agree to prisoner release; Aden police forces arrest cell allegedly responsible for illegal deportations; coalition reaffirms its adherence to international law; UN Special Envoy for Yemen calls for joint body to address economic issues. Horn of Africa: SNA and AMISOM troops arrest over 30 suspected al Shabaab members in Burdubo, Gedo region; SNA and AMISOM forces drive al Shabaab out of Toratorow, Lower Shabelle region but then withdraw from the town; Ethiopian AMISOM troops repulse an al Shabaab attack in Hudur, Bakool region; seven men involved in al Shabaab’s 2010 World Cup bombings face the death penalty in Uganda.