Opposition political jirga presents fresh proposals; Prime Minister Sharif addresses Parliament; Indian Prime Minister Modi calls AQIS “delusional”; Three LI militants killed in IED in Bara, Khyber Agency; AQIS claims all militants in Karachi dockyard attack were rogue naval officers; Vehicles of IDPs allegedly being impounded by officials; Bomb explodes near former MPA’s house in Peshawar.

Political Crisis

  • On September 19, the political jirga of opposition parties negotiating between the Pakistani government and protesting parties presented fresh proposals to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), in an attempt to resolve the ongoing political impasse. The proposal mainly addressed the issue of an acceptable “definition of rigging” and suggested that the Prime Minister announce in advance that he would resign if the judicial commission proved “systematic rigging” took place in the May 2013 elections. The proposal also set the “terms of reference” for the proposed judicial commission.[1] 

  • Addressing a joint session of the Parliament on September 19, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif commended the role of the parliamentarians and their unwavering support for democracy and rule of law in the current political crisis. He reiterated the government’s willingness to engage in dialogue with the PAT and PTI while also advising the protestors to devise a new strategy for staging protests. The National Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution against the sit-ins in Islamabad before the address of the Prime Minister.[2] 

India-Pakistan Relations

  • According to excerpts from an interview with CNN on September 19, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reacted to the announcement of the formation of al Qaeda in the Indian Sub-Continent, calling the group “delusional” to think that Indian Muslims would join al Qaeda to wage jihad in the region. He declared that Indian Muslims were patriotic and would not betray their nation.[3]


  • On September 19, three Lashkar-e-Islam (LI) militants were killed in a remote-controlled roadside IED explosion in the Sipah area of Bara sub-district, Khyber Agency. The militants were riding in an LI commander’s vehicle when the IED destroyed the vehicle, killing the militants. This incident comes after a gunman killed LI’s former spokesman, Zar Kahn, on August 23.[4]

  • On September 19, The News reported that the spokesperson for al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), Usama Mahmood, claims that all of the militants involved in the attack on the Karachi dockyard were officers in the Pakistani Navy. AQIS characterized the attack as a “rebellion” against the navy as opposed to an attack by intruders.[5]

  • On September 19, a bomb exploded near the house of former Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) from the Awami National Party (ANP) Aurangzeb Khan on Dilazak road in Peshawar. No casualties were reported. Separately, five children were injured in a hand-grenade attack on a house in Ghaz Chowk in the Phandu area of Peshawar.[6] 

Internally Displaced Persons

  • On September 18, in a press conference in Peshawar, tribal elder Malik Zafarullah Wazir, on behalf of internally displaced persons (IDP) from North Waziristan, alleged that police and customs officials have been impounding the vehicles of IDPs when they have refused demands for bribes by officials.[7]

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