Gulf of Aden Security Review

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Yemen: Al Houthi spokesman makes anti-Saudi remarks; pro-Hadi delegate refuses unity government; pro-Hadi forces take control of Safar al Hania in northern al Jawf; pro-Hadi forces clash with al Houthi-Saleh fighters in Nihm outside Sana’a.

Horn of Africa: President Obama pledges support to President Kenyatta over refugee camp closures; al Shabaab conducts grenade attacks in Mogadishu and in Marka, Lower Shabelle region; Puntland administrators clamp down on media in wake of former mayor’s putsch.

Yemen: Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula presence visible in Jaar and Zinjibar, Abyan governorate; Al Houthi fighters destroy home of alleged AQAP militant and kill seven others in al Nadirah, Ibb governorate; UN-led peace talks in Kuwait remain deadlocked; Yemeni minister meets with World Bank representatives.

Horn of Africa: Kenyan citizens claim KDF airstrikes killed three children; Ugandan People's Defense Force announces plan to withdraw from Somalia by December 2017; Kenya increases border security in response to credible al Shabaab threat; Former Puntland mayor launches putsch for control of autonomous state; Turkey and Qatar announce aid to Hiraan region; suspected al Shabaab militants launch mortars at AMISOM base in Halgan, Hiraan region.

Yemen: AQAP frees prisoners in Jaar, Abyan governorate; UN Special Envoy to Yemen proposes new roadmap; al Houthi-Saleh forces shell Kirsh in northern Lahij near al Anad air base; al Hizam security forces dismantle qat markets in Aden; clashes continue in Taiz.

Horn of Africa: Kenya launches airstrikes against al Shabaab positions in Elwak, Gedo region; al Shabaab assassinates senior intelligence official in Jowhar, Middle Shabelle region; SNA forces clash with one another in Beled Hawo, Gedo region; former Somali minister announces his bid for the presidency.

Yemen: Al Houthi fighters take control of Jales Mountain near al Anad air base; Saudi Arabia intercepts an al Houthi ballistic missile from Sana’a; Ban Ki-moon will meet with Saudi Minister of Defense Muhammad bin Salman; U.S. Secretary of State calls Kuwaiti Foreign Minister to discuss Yemeni peace talks.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab fighters target emergency response vehicles in Kenya; al Shabaab conducts IED attack on AMISOM vehicle in Barawe, Lower Shabelle; suspected al Shabaab fighters launch grenade attack in Marka, Lower Shabelle; al Shabaab apprehends humanitarian convoy in Hudur, Bakool region.

Yemen: Al Houthi fighters release prisoners as part of larger prisoner swap; UN Special Envoy to Yemen prepares to brief Security Council; member of Yemeni government delegation states talks need “a miracle” to succeed; U.S. extends special forces’ deployment in Yemen; popular resistance fighters ambush al Houthi vehicles in al Sawma’a.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab acknowledges death of Garissa University mastermind Dulyadeyn; al Shabaab ambushes Kenyan police in Mandera County; al Shabaab ambushes AMISOM convoy in Barawe, Lower Shabelle region; suspected al Shabaab militants launch mortars at AMISOM base near Marka, Lower Shabelle region; al Shabaab militants clash with KDF troops near Hosingow, Lower Shabelle region; NISA operatives capture five alleged al Shabaab militants in the Heliwa district of Mogadishu.

Yemen: Yemeni prime minister says government will remain in Aden until Sana’a is liberated; UAE foreign minister retracts statement that UAE combat role in Yemen nearly finished; U.S. House of Representatives votes down ban on cluster munitions to Saudi Arabia; President Obama to meet with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince

Horn of Africa: Suspected al Shabaab militants kill four in IED blast in Golweyn, Lower Shabelle region; Ethiopian AMISOM forces prepare for military operations in Hiraan Region; UN report suggests up to 5,000 child soldiers fighting in Somalia

Yemen: Emirati foreign minister says UAE’s combat role in Yemen nearly finished; Yemeni prime minister seeks political unity in Aden; al Houthis advance in Taiz; popular resistance clashes with al Houthis in Hajjah and Ibb governorates.

Horn of Africa: Somali Federal Parliament amends two articles of provisional constitution; UN approves Kenya’s plan to close Dadaab refugee camp; SNA and AMISOM launch clearing operation near Hudur, Bakool region.

Yemen: Yemeni delegation members accuse al Houthis of delaying an agreement and purging Ministries of Interior and Defense; Aden officials deploy special forces before Southern Movement protest; gunman shoots anti-AQAP imam in Ja’ar, Abyan; Kuwait delegations discuss security committees; al Houthis donate large sum towards medical college in Sana’a; Saudi-led coalition airstrikes target al Houthi positions in al Maslub, Jawf governorate.

Horn of Africa: Likely al Shabaab militants assassinate senior intelligence official in Mogadishu; al Shabaab fires mortars into Mogadishu; UN approves Turkish plan for military base in Somalia; AMISOM and SNA forces conduct demining operation near Marka, Lower Shabelle region.

Yemen: Al Houthi delegation to reject any plan that does not meet demands; Ould Cheikh Ahmed condemns illegal arrests; al Houthi and government forces clash in al Dhaleh governorate; al Houthi and government forces clash in al Dhabab, Taiz city; Yemeni army continues search for downed Emirati helicopter in Aden; al Houthi militias rob civilians in Amran.

Horn of Africa: AMISOM forces mistakenly kill civilians following IED attack; al Shabaab occupies the town of El Ali, Hiraan region; UNHCR asks Kenyatta to extend Dadaab closure deadline.

Yemen: UN Special Envoy outlines three phases for political solution; two reported U.S. air strikes target AQAP in Ma’rib and Shabwah; coalition helicopter crashes in Aden and Emirati helicopter crashes in international waters; al Houthi delegation meets with U.S. Ambassador to Yemen in Kuwait; Adeni security services continue to deport northerners.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab claims to recover fallen UAV in Lower Shabelle region; al Shabaab executes four for alleged spying in Bay Region; IED detonates at Somali-Kenyan border; airstrikes target al Shabaab training camp in Bari region; Ethiopian and Eritrean forces exchange artillery fire in border region.