Gulf of Aden Security Review

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Yemen: Clashes continue between pro-Hadi forces and suspected AQAP militants in Aden; ISIS Wilayat Hadramawt claims attack on military vehicle in al Qatn, Hadramawt; Vice President Bahah says pro-government forces are close to Sana’a.

Horn of Africa: AMISOM claims al Shabaab possesses AMISOM uniforms; SNA troops skirmish with Interim Southwest Administration militia in Bardhere, Gedo region, Somalia; suspected al Shabaab members behead cleric in Buulobarde, Hiiraan region, Somalia.

Yemen: Pro-Hadi security forces clash with suspected AQAP militants in al Mansoura district, Aden; rival AQAP factions clash over leadership succession in Zinjibar, Abyan; Saudi-led coalition spokesman briefs U.S. policy experts on campaign in Yemen.

Horn of Africa: Suspected al Shabaab land mine targets Jubbaland police in Kismayo, Somalia; KDF warplanes attack al Shabaab positions nea Berhani, Somalia; Kenyan police reservists demand better weapons to fight al Shabaab in Lamu County, Kenya.

Yemen: AQAP captures the towns of Shaqra and Ahwar in Abyan governorate; AQAP eulogizes Jalal al Bal’idi al Marqishi; al Houthi-Saleh cross-border fire kills two in Saudi Arabia.

Horn of Africa: Investigators identify accomplices in Daallo Airlines bombing in Mogadishu; AMISOM and SNA troops retake Marka, Lower Shabelle region; car bomb injures Gedo deputy governor in Bardhere, Gedo region; militants kill intelligence official in Wadajir district, Mogadishu.

Yemen: AQAP takes control of al Mahfid, Abyan; AQAP consolidates control in Zinjibar, Abyan; ISIS Wilayat Hadramawt releases propaganda video.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab captures Merca, Lower Shabelle region; suspected al Shabaab car bombs target airport official and NISA senior officer in Mogadishu; IED targets AMISOM convoy near Jowhar, Lower Shabelle region; Jubbaland state president announces joint SNA-AMISOM offensive.

Yemen: Reported U.S. airstrike kills Ansar al Sharia leader in Abyan; reported U.S. airstrike kills six AQAP militants in Shabwah; suicide bomber targets Lahij security chief in Aden.

Horn of Africa: SNA troops raid al Shabaab-held Mahaday village in Middle Shabelle, Somalia; KDF forces redeploy to Gedo region, Somalia; al Shabaab is primary suspect in Mogadishu plane explosion.

Yemen: Suspected AQAP militants enter Habban in central Shabwah; popular resistance forces kill three AQAP militants at checkpoint in Abyan; UK MPs call for halt to Saudi arms sales.

Horn of Africa: Suspected al Shabaab car bomb targets aid worker in Mogadishu, Somalia; Kenyan police arrest five al Shabaab recruiters in Nairobi, Kenya; circulation of al Shabaab attack media banned in Mandera County, Kenya.

Yemen: AQAP stones man to death for adultery in al Mukalla; al Houthi Republican Guard detachment defects to popular resistance in Nihm, Sana’a; pro-Hadi forces besiege al Houthi-Saleh FOB northeast of Sana’a; coalition-backed forces deploy reinforcements to northwestern Hajjah governorate.

Horn of Africa: Small explosion occurs aboard passenger plane in Mogadishu, Somalia; residents in Lamu County, Kenya protest recent al Shabaab attacks; Kenya receives Chinese APCs for counterterror operations; Kenya detains WFP supply trucks in Mandera County, Kenya.

Yemen: AQAP seizes Azzan in Shabwah governorate; ISIS SVBIED kills two at security checkpoint in Aden; militants kill prominent Salafi cleric in Aden; coalition announces inquiry into civilian casualties claims.

Horn of Africa: al Shabaab executes three civilians in Lamu County, Kenya; suspected al Shabaab militants launch mortar attacks in Mogadishu; suspected al Shabaab militants attempt to assassinate court official in Bardhere; AMISOM and SNA forces arrest 50 for alleged al Shabaab ties in Jowhar town, Middle Shabelle region, Somalia; SNA repulses al Shabaab attack in Qoryooley, Lower Shabelle region, Somalia; internationally backed de-radicalization center to be built in Kismayo, Somalia.

Yemen: Saudi forces clash with al Houthi-Saleh forces in Jazan, Saudi Arabia; Yemeni VIP guards graduate in UAE; UN FAO reports that over half of Yemen’s population is food insecure.

Horn of Africa: Four women arraigned on terrorism charges in Nairobi, Kenya; Ethiopian AMISOM troops conduct clearing operations near El Bur, Galgaduud, Somalia; KDF deploys bomb detection team to Lamu County, Kenya; Kenyan youth radicalization amnesty program implemented; NISA forces arrest five al Shabaab militants and kill one in El Asha Biyaha, Upper Jubba region, Somalia.

Yemen: ISIS Wilayat Aden-Abyan detonates SVBIED near presidential palace in Aden; Taiz kidnappers release Al Jazeera team; Ansar al Sharia claims attacks on al Houthis in al Bayda, Ibb, and Taiz; resistance leader mobilizes forces from Aden to Taiz; Hadi’s National Security chief resigns.

Horn of Africa: AMISOM and SNA troops attack al Shabaab roadblock in Galgaduud region, Somalia; Mogadishu residents demonstrate against al Shabaab near Liido Beach, Somalia; al Shabaab releases recruitment video; AMISOM trains Somali Police Force recruits in Bay region, Somalia.