Gulf of Aden Security Review

Contributors: Joseph Hughes (Current), Tessa Deardorff (Current), Daniel O'Keefe, Steven Wachter, Sam Cleaves, Joshua Koontz, James Miller, Greg Schroeder, Breuk Bass, Barr Benyamin, Remy Bourget, Dylan Clement, Cody Curran, Ali Dahlin, Stephanie Fishman, Steve Gonzalez, Sasha Gordon, Michael Graziani, Chris Harnisch, Kerry Harris, Nathaniel Horadam, Courtney Hughes, Paul Jarvis, Adam Kahan, Kennan Khatib, Landon LaSyone, David Lesser, Matthew Lu, Gabriella Nassif, Alexander Neill, Jacob Schaffer, David Schapiro, Jared Sorhaindo, Miles Taylor, Gilad Wenig, and Katherine Zimmerman

Yemen: Saudi Arabia-led coalition aims to install Hadi government in Aden; southern popular resistance forces make gains north of Aden.

Horn of Africa: High-Level Partnership Forum calls for collaboration in fight against al Shabaab.

Yemen: U.S. airstrike kills four AQAP militants; southern popular resistance forces enter al Hawta city.

Horn of Africa: Foreign nationals evacuated from Mogadishu hotels.

Yemen: President Hadi integrates southern popular resistance with Yemeni Army; VBIED targets mosque in Sana’a.

Horn of Africa: UN Security Council renews AMISOM’s authorization; Somali officials announce that elections will not be held in 2016.

Yemen: Saudi coalition forces provide advanced weaponry to popular resistance in Abyan; Human Rights Watch accuses Saudi Arabia of committing war crimes.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab executes a man in Middle Jubba region; U.S. President Barack Obama states U.S. will not sent troops to Somalia.

Yemen: Al Houthi movement breaks humanitarian ceasefire; Operation Golden Arrow forces clash with al Houthi forces at al Anad Airbase; southern popular resistance forces capture Abdul Khaliq al Houthi.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab detonates SVBIED at Mogadishu hotel; al Shabaab spokesman warns of future attacks; al Shabaab militants assassinate Somali government official and MP.

Yemen: Saudi aircraft provide supplies to rebuild Aden International Airport; Operation Golden Arrow forces will seek the liberation of Abyan, Lahij, and Taiz.

Horn of Africa: AMISOM and SNA capture Dinsoor; al Shabaab recovers towns in Bay and Gedo regions; U.S. military confirms airstrikes in Gedo region.

Yemen: Ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh in talks to end the conflict in Yemen; Army Officers defect from al Houthi movement in Sana’a.

Horn of Africa: CNN links Gedo region airstrikes to U.S.; Kenyan Defense Forces kill 24 al Shabaab militants in Gedo region.

Yemen: Saudi Arabian cargo plane lands at Aden International Airport; popular resistance groups advance towards al Anad Airbase.

Horn of Africa: Somali troops seize al Shabaab stronghold in Gedo region; AMISOM claims death of senior al Shabaab leader.

Yemen: ISIS Wilayat Sana’a claims responsibility for VBIED attack in Sana’a; Hadi government announces the rebuilding of Aden; popular resistance forces advance in Taiz.

Horn of Africa: Marka residents protest following shooting deaths of civilians by AMISOM; fighting continues between al Shabaab and Ethiopian troops in southern Somalia.

Yemen: Anti-al Houthi fighters take last district held by al Houthis in Aden; popular resistance forces retake Labuza airbase and the headquarters of the 117th army brigade; ISIS Wilayat Aden claims raid in Aden; local popular resistance forces move to al Anad triangle.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab and Ethiopian troops continue to clash in Bay region; SNA and AMISOM announce new offensive; al Kataib releases video depicting June 11-12 Bay region attack.