Gulf of Aden Security Review

Contributors: Emily Estelle (current), Craig Hoaglin (current), Breuk Bass, Barr Benyamin, Remy Bourget, Sam Cleaves, Dylan Clement, Cody Curran, Ali Dahlin, Tessa Deardorff, Stephanie Fishman, Steve Gonzalez, Sasha Gordon, Michael Graziani, Chris Harnisch, Kerry Harris, Nathaniel Horadam, Courtney Hughes, Joseph Hughes, Paul Jarvis, Adam Kahan, Kennan Khatib, Joshua Koontz, Landon LaSyone, David Lesser, Matthew Lu, James Miller, Gabriella Nassif, Alexander Neill, Daniel O'Keefe, Jacob Schaffer, David Schapiro, Greg Schroeder, Jared Sorhaindo, Miles Taylor, Steven Wachter, Gilad Wenig, and Katherine Zimmerman

Yemen: Former president Saleh supports UN peace talks; AQAP members fight in Taiz; ISIS Wilayat Sana’a detonates two IEDs in Sana’a; UAE counterterrorism forces arrive in Aden; residents protest AQAP in al Mukalla.

Horn of Africa: SNA officer captured by al Shabaab in Doonga, Lower Shabelle region; security forces arrest al Shabaab regional leader in Elbur, Galgudud region; Galmudug forces retake Amaar from al Shabaab in the Mudug region; Kenyan NGO worker kidnapped by suspected al Shabaab militants in Garissa county, Kenya; police arrest over 100 al Shabaab suspects near Mogadishu, Baanadir region.

Yemen: Saudi military thwarts al Houthi attack on Saudi-Yemeni border; UAE attempts to remove Saleh as GPC chairman; President Hadi plans to visit Ma’rib; pro-Hadi forces enter Mokha district; popular resistance intercepts car full of explosives in al Dhaleh.

Horn of Africa: KDF officials say Operation “Linda Boni Forest” is successful; SNA forces will begin security operations in Elbur, Galgaduud region; Somali government released two arrested journalists.

Yemen: Bomb hits wedding party in Dhamar; Hadi government dismisses al Houthi UN agreement as “maneuver.”

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab attack on military base is repulsed in Bulo-Addey village, Bay region; Fransisco Caetano Jose Madeira is appointed as new AMISOM organization head.

Yemen: al Houthi and General People’s Congress representatives agree to UN peace plan; ISIS Wilayat Aden-Abyan and IS Wilayat Sana’a conduct SVBIED and SVEST attacks.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab militants kill Somali president’s nephew and lawyer in Mogadishu; al Shabaab releases videos of attack on SNA base in Yaqbari-wayne, Lower Shabelle region.

Yemen: ISIS Wilayat Aden-Abyan and al Houthis claim attacks on Yemeni government and coalition compounds in Aden.

Horn of Africa: SNA forces enforce ceasefire between clans in Bulo-Hawo, Gedo region; ASWJ announces military offensive on al Shabaab militants in Galgudud region.

Yemen: U.S. calls for investigation of civilian deaths in Yemen; Russian ambassador holds peace talks; pro-Hadi forces advance in Taiz and Ma’rib governorates.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab militants take control of Ba’adweyne town in the Mudug region; ISIS releases videos requesting al Shabaab’s allegiance.

Yemen: Forces loyal to President Hadi move toward Taiz and Mokha; coalition airstrike cuts off al Hudaydah – Sana’a road; airstrike kills two AQAP militants in Ma’rib.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab seizes Amaar village in Mudug region; AMISOM forces clear al Shabaab’s blockade around Bulo-Burde, Hiraan region.

Yemen: U.S. Navy confirms interception of smuggled weapons on the Arabian Sea; UNHRC abandons plan for independent international inquiry in Yemen; popular resistance and Yemeni army mobilize in Lahij governorate.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab detains five of its members under suspicion of being pro-ISIS in Jamame, Lower Jubba region; SNA forces repulse al Shabaab attack in Ali Mire, Lower Shabelle region.

Yemen: President Hadi addresses the United Nations General Assembly.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab militants kill two SNA soldiers in Omar Beere, Lower Shabelle region; two AMISOM soldiers killed in grenade attack in Merca, Lower Shabelle region.

Yemen: Airstrike kills 130 people near Mokha, Taiz; Saudi Arabia announces interception of Iranian ship.

Horn of Africa: China pledges significant military aid to African Union over next five years and Kenya calls for increased international support for Somali peacekeeping assistance at UNGA; AMISOM forces kill a civilian in Mogadishu.