Gulf of Aden Security Review

Contributors: Joshua Koontz (current), James Miller (current), Greg Schroeder (current), Breuk Bass, Barr Benyamin, Remy Bourget, Dylan Clement, Cody Curran, Ali Dahlin, Stephanie Fishman, Steve Gonzalez, Sasha Gordon, Michael Graziani, Chris Harnisch, Kerry Harris, Nathaniel Horadam, Courtney Hughes, Paul Jarvis, Adam Kahan, Kennan Khatib, Landon LaSyone, David Lesser, Matthew Lu, Gabriella Nassif, Alexander Neill, Jacob Schaffer, David Schapiro, Jared Sorhaindo, Miles Taylor, Gilad Wenig, and Katherine Zimmerman

Yemen: U.S. State Department issues travel warning for U.S. citizens in Yemen; Yemeni 9th Brigade arrives in Amran; al Houthi militants capture Yemeni soldiers in al Jawf; tribal sources report major al Houthi movement toward al Jawf; unidentified gunmen open fire in Lahij.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab militants attack SNA forces in Bay region; car bomb kills local government administrator in Mogadishu; Kenyan police conduct security operations in Kenya’s Coast Province; unidentified assailants attack Puntland military checkpoint in Mudug region.

Yemen: AQAP releases statement calling for Hadramawt citizens to adhere to Sharia law; anonymous Yemeni security source reports that Yemeni military campaign against AQAP continues in Abyan; 150 heavy transport vehicles arrive in Sa’ada to assist Yemeni 9th Brigade; al Houthis implicate Muslim Brotherhood in failed assassination plot in Sana’a; IEDs detonate in Dhamar; unidentified gunmen open fire on office of education and tribal sheikh in al Bayda; al Houthi militants clash with al Islah tribesmen in al Jawf; Yemeni Government confirms the death of Hamid al Qushaybi.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab claims responsibility for attack on bus in Kenya’s Coast Province; AMISOM and Somali security forces clash with al Shabaab militants in Bay, Bakool, and Lower Jubba regions; al Shabaab militant conducts SVEST attack targeting senior Jubbaland security officer in Lower Jubba region; unidentified gunmen kill four people in Kenya’s Coast Province; Kenyan police disrupt suspected terrorist cell in Nairobi.

Yemen: AQAP releases statements claiming credit for the July 4 Wadia border attack and condemning Israeli operations in the Gaza strip; suspected AQAP militants clash with Yemeni military in Shabwah; al Houthi leader calls for end to public corruption and reform in al Islah Party; unidentified gunmen kill two civilians in Aden.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab militants shell town in Hiraan region; car bomb kills Somali government official in Mogadishu; suspected al Shabaab militants target senior Interim Jubba Administration official in Lower Jubba region.

Yemen: suspected AQAP militant attack Yemeni security forces in al Bayda; al Houthi militants continue clashes with local tribesmen and Yemeni military in al Jawf; Yemeni security forces track team of assassins in Sana’a.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab militants attack SNA base in Middle Shabelle region; Somali security forces attack al Shabaab militants in Bay and Lower Jubba regions; IED blasts target SNA forces in Mogadishu and Lower Shabelle region; AMISOM and SNA forces intercept VBIED in Lower Shabelle region; Kenyan security forces raid camps of suspected assailants in Kenya’s Coast Province.

Yemen: suspected AQAP militants attack post office and detonate IED in Hadramawt; suspected AQAP militants capture Yemeni security force patrol in al Bayda; al Houthis clash with Yemeni military and local tribesmen in Sana’a.

Horn of Africa: AMISOM and Somali security forces foil suspected SVBIED attack on Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu; al Shabaab militants attack AMISOM and SNA forces in Lower Shabelle region; Djiboutian Foreign Minister announces plan to deploy additional battalion to Somalia under AMISOM.

Yemen: U.S. State Department designates AQAP member as SDGT; suspected AQAP militants detonated an IED in Hadramawt and clashed with the Yemeni military in Ma’rib; Yemeni security forces repel military protestors at Yemeni President’s residence and defuse IED in Sana’a; Yemeni soldiers clash with al Houthi militants in al Jawf; Yemeni soldiers from the 9th Brigade replace soldiers from the 310th Armored Brigade and the 6th Military Command in Amran.

Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab’s representative to Banadir region addresses Mogadishu operations; al Shabaab militants attack a Somali police station in Mogadishu; Somali military court executes two al Shabaab militants in Mogadishu; Somali security forces conduct operation in Bay region.

Yemen: AQAP releases statement criticizing recent Yemeni military campaigns; suspected AQAP militants wound civilian in Lahij and assassinate teacher in Hadramawt; Yemeni 4th Brigade redeploys to Lahij; Yemeni security sources arrest suspected AQAP cell in Lahij; Yemeni president sacks two Yemeni army commanders; al Houthis announce withdrawal from Amran in exchange for Yemeni military taking control of Amran and clash with al Islah tribesmen in Sana’a; IED detonates near al Houthi center in Sana’a; unidentified tribesmen bomb oil pipeline in Ma’rib; al Houthi militants launch an artillery attack in al Jawf.

Horn of Africa: Suspected al Shabaab militants kill Somali counterterrorism official in Mogadishu and SNA officer in Lower Shabelle region; al Shabaab executes two alleged Somali Federal Government spies in Lower Shabelle region; AMISOM and SNA forces seize territory from al Shabaab in Bay and Gedo regions; Kenyan intelligence report reveals identity of suspected al Shabaab commanders operating in Kenya’s Coast Province; Kenyan Defense Forces deploy additional troops along Kenyan-Somali border in North Eastern Province.

Yemen: Anonymous security source reports new AQAP camp in Lahij; suspected AQAP militants attack Yemeni military vehicle in Abyan; Yemeni President issues statement calling for withdrawal of al Houthi forces from Amran; gunmen assassinate civilian in Hadramawt.

Horn of Africa: Unidentified gunmen attack a village in Coast Province; suspected al Shabaab militants attack Kenyan ship in Shabelle; Somali security and AMISOM forces strike suspected al Shabaab militants in Mogadishu; AMISOM forces raid an al Shabaab camp in Lower Juba; Somali Radio reports that a suspected telecommunication technician was involved in an attack on the presidential compound; Suspected Ogaden National Liberation Front militants kill a shopkeeper in Garissa.

Yemen: Leader of al Houthi movement publicly speaks regarding events in Amran; al Houthis and Yemeni military clash in al Jawf; gunmen attack residence in Aden.

Horn of Africa: Kenyan forces arrest suspects of July 5 Gamba and Hindi attack; Kenyan government charges Lamu businessman of carrying out Mpeketoni attack; Clashes in Hiran kill 10.

Yemen: Al Houthi militants cement control over Amran and may have killed commander of 310th Armored Brigade; Yemeni air force strikes al Houthi positions in Amran; Yemeni government holds al Houthis responsible for violence in Amran; IED detonates in al Hudaydah; AQAP gunmen attack Yemeni military in Hadramawt.

Horn of Africa: al Shabaab militants conduct complex attack on Somali presidential compound in Mogadishu; unidentified gunmen kill Somali security personnel in Mogadishu; Kenyan security forces conduct security operation in Kenya’s Coast Province.