Pakistan Security Brief

Contributors:  Meredith Gallo (current), Sam Ruben (current), Ryan Petitt, Karen Schwindt, Rebecca Lindgren, Nathan LowryAdam Tohn, Zeeshan Mithani, Kim Hoffman, Cody Brown, Laila Khan, Christian Conroy, Sarath Ganji, Asmaa Ahmed, Thomas Smith, Christine Johnson, James Marino, Sam Worby, Alex Della Rocchetta, Eric Carrino, Nicholas Patella, David Kahan, Benjamin Schultz, Brian Wolfe, Jonathan Frist, and Reza Jan (current).

Supreme Court orders PTI and PAT protestors to evacuate Constitution Avenue, protestors refuse to shift to alternate locations; PAT evacuates part of roadway; PAT chief Tahirul Qadri issues 48-hour deadline for Prime Minister Sharif to resign; Lawmakers request House Speaker not to accept PTI members’ resignations; PAT and PTI workers attack Geo News cameraman; Prime Minister Sharif and army chief Sharif meet to discuss political and security situation; Former President Zardari accelerates efforts to end political impasse; Former U.S. Ambassador Munter hints at U.S. sanctions in case of army coup in Pakistan; New TTP splinter group ‘TTP Jamatul Ahrar’ announces its formation; Khyber administration makes list of 70 wanted militants public; Bomb blast at Sufi shrine in Balochistan injures one; Indo-Pak water talks fail, Pakistan to appeal to ICJ; Senior Indian politician threatens retaliation against Pakistani shelling; U.S. contributes $6 million for IDPs.

PTI and government continue dialogue, PTI proposes prime minister resign for 30 days, government refuses; Imran Khan threatens nationwide strike if demands not met; Former election commission official alleges May 2013 polls were rigged ; Government doubles security in Red Zone; Former President Zardari expresses support for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif; PML-N and allied parties stage country-wide protests in show of solidarity with government; Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif denies resignation rumors; Indian, Pakistani border forces trade fire near Sialkot, four civilians killed; Hand grenade attack kills one and injures 16 in Quetta; Two killed in attack on NATO oil tanker in Khyber; Two Christians injured in South Waziristan blast; Eight militants killed in clashes Orakzai Agency clashes; IED kills militant commander in Khyber Agency; Bomb on train injures three in Sibi, Balochistan; Frontier Corps kill 16 militants in Turbat, Balochistan; Former spokesman for Lashkar-e-Islam (LI) found dead in Khyber; Three Swat militants die in security forces’ custody in Kohat; LI executes tribesman for spying; Former President Musharraf asks for delay in treason trial against him; Five army three-star general set to retire; Rupee continues to depreciate.

Assailant fire on Imran Khan’s vehicle, unknown men pelt PTI workers with rocks; reports estimate 15,000 to 20,000 PTI supporters have joined march; PTI granted permission for sit-in in Islamabad; Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says he will not resign; government bans protesters from breaching Red Zone; TTP militants attack military airbases in Quetta; Al Qaeda says it wishes to exchange kidnapped U.S. citizen for al Qaeda members held by U.S.; Maulvi Halim Khan to replace Haifz Gul Bahadur as top North Waziristan Taliban commander; U.S., U.K. and some European countries issue travel warnings for Pakistan; Unidentified gunmen kills guard in Swat; Unidentified gunmen kidnap eleven civilians traveling to Hangu; Security forces personnel kill four militants near Fort Slope, Khyber Agency; IDPs protest for right to return to North Waziristan; Pakistan Navy assumes command of naval counter-terrorism coalition force.

Islamabad police lift previous ban on PAT march; PTI and PAT leaders and supporters head from Lahore to Islamabad; Police finalize Azadi March security plan; PAT chief Qadri says talks with government still possible; Constitutional experts deem Imran Khan’s technocrat government plan unfeasible; Pakistan rejects Afghanistan’s claim that Pakistan is responsible for cross-border attacks; Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif says army hopes to complete North Waziristan offensive soon; Militants shoot rockets into Miram Shah security forces camp; IED hits security forces vehicle in Hazar Ganji area of Quetta, killing one; Militants attack in Matta sub-district of Swat and injure two security personnel; Militants attack two security checkpoints in Isakhel area of Mohmand Agency, two militants killed; Unknown assailants fire mortar shell into house in Bara sub-district, Khyber Agency, injuring 15 people.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif proposes Supreme Court-led election commission to investigate rigging during 2013 general elections; PTI chief Imran Khan rejects Sharif’s, vows to go ahead with August 14 march and demands Sharif’s resignation; Intelligence officials warn of infiltration of armed agents provocateur into ranks of protestors ahead of August 14 march, estimate maximum of 100,000 protestors during upcoming marches; Pakistani government ramps up efforts to barricade both Lahore and Islamabad to thwart PAT and PTI protests; Police officials claim Pakistani government will designate PAT as banned organization; Poll shows majority of Pakistani citizens view Prime Minister Sharif and PTI chief Khan favorably and consider 2013 elections largely free and fair; Bara IDPs protest for eleventh day; IED targets Bajaur tribal elders; Policeman killed in Karachi; IED injures 20 in Quetta market.

Lahore government blocks access to PAT chief’s residence and PAT Party Secretariat in Lahore, hundreds of PAT supporters in police custody; Nine thousand police personnel deployed in Islamabad; , Islamabad government bans public demonstrations; PAT and PTI August 14 marches in Islamabad to take place together but will not merge; Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif meets with PML-N leaders, says government will not arrest protest leaders during upcoming marches; JI chief continues efforts to mediate between PTI and government; PML-N supporters clash with PTI supporters; Sharif to address nation on August 12; Pakistani police register murder case against PAT chief Qadri for deaths of three policemen during protests in Lahore; Pakistan’s Foreign Office lodges protest after Indian cross-border firing incident; Report documents growing violence between TTP militants and police in Karachi; Police constable shot and killed in Karachi; Civil-military relations reportedly strained due to Musharraf trial.

Government officials and Dr. Tahirul Qadri release conflicting reports of deaths, injuries, and arrests during Lahore protests; Qadri announces “revolution” march for August 14; Clashes between PAT activists and police occur across much of Punjab, particularly Lahore; Armed PAT workers break police cordon on Model Town in Lahore; Interior Minister calls on 3,000 Frontier Constabulary personnel to assist with security in Islamabad on August 14; Pakistani military advises government to let PTI hold August 14 march without resistance; Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif meets with PML-N leaders, cabinet ministers to develop strategy to against PTI; Law enforcement agencies foil potential militant attack on PTI March; JI chief says PTI will agree to call off August 14 march if Prime Minister carries out election recount in ten potentially rigged constituencies; IDPS debate moving back to North Waziristan; Residents of Eidiak, North Waziristan refuse to leave; Nawaz Sharif convenes national security conference to discuss North Waziristan offensive; Line of Control firing results in two Pakistani deaths and four Indian injuries; 22 mortar rounds fired from Paktia, Afghanistan into Datta Khel, North Waziristan; Taliban reportedly kills anti-Taliban militant in raid on home; Roadside IED detonates and militants fire on security force’s vehicle in Balochistan; Two suspected militants die when IED-rigged motorcycle detonates in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa; Security forces arrest suspected militants carrying suicide vests and explosives in Rawalpindi; Musharraf condemns June 17 Model Town incident.

Pakistan expands North Waziristan operation, tells residents of Shawal and Eidek areas to evacuate; Five thousand PAT protestors camp out near in Lahore; Lahore police cordon off neighborhood to close access to PAT locations; Punjab government requests deployment of Rangers personnel to Lahore; Islamabad government imposes section 144, banning protests or gatherings; Islamabad police cancel leave for all personnel until August 14; Prime Minister Sharif summons emergency session of national security council in Islamabad; U.S. Department of State amends terrorist designation of militant group Harakat-ul-Mujahidin; U.S. Ambassador says U.S. will stay neutral if political standoff results in change in government by “constitutional means;” Pakistani government condemns U.S. drone strike; Arrested Indian Border Security Force soldier released.

Reports differ on whether August 6 drone strike killed Uzbek fighters or Haqqani Network members; TTP Mohmand Agency threatens journalists; Reports claim militants present in Datta Khel and Shawal Valley; Pakistan rejects Afghan allegations of Pakistani involvement in militant attacks in Afghanistan and cross-border shelling; PTI advises members to resist police arrests, besiege police station; Police cracks down on PAT supporters and activists; Militants fire on security forces’ convoy, killing two, in Turbat, Balochistan; IED injures eight in Chaman, Balochistan; Police conduct search operation arresting 37 suspects in Islamabad; militant group Junood al Fida announces the death of commander, Abdul Hafeez and announces allegiance to al Qaeda.

U.S. drone strike kills up to six militants in Datta Khel, North Waziristan; Pakistani military clearing area between Mir Ali and Miram Shah; Court denies request to move Musharraf trial to Karachi; Militant infighting leaves three dead in Khyber Agency; Bomb disposal unit defuses IED in Rajanpur, Punjab; Prime Minister Sharif opens dialogue with allied and opposition parties to resolve PTI standoff; Intelligence agencies warn of militant threats to Imran Khan during August 14 march; Former Air Vice-Marshal says army demanded invocation of Article 245 before Operation Zarb-e-Azb; Indian Border Security Force soldier arrested on Pakistani territory; Pakistan requests Afghanistan hand over TTP chief Fazlullah; Cleric Qadri given $350 million income tax notice, charged with inciting violence.