Pakistan Security Brief

Contributors:  Ryan Petitt (current), Karen Schwindt (current), Rebecca Lindgren, Nathan LowryAdam Tohn, Zeeshan Mithani, Kim Hoffman, Cody Brown, Laila Khan, Christian Conroy, Sarath Ganji, Asmaa Ahmed, Thomas Smith, Christine Johnson, James Marino, Sam Worby, Alex Della Rocchetta, Eric Carrino, Nicholas Patella, David Kahan, Benjamin Schultz, Brian Wolfe, Jonathan Frist, and Reza Jan (current).

Thirty five dead and 20 injured in airstrikes and ground operations in Khyber agency; New committee will be formed for talks with the TTP; Prime Minister to visit Iran in May; Three, including police inspector, killed and 15 injured in Karachi blast; Gunmen kill two in Balochistan; Protestors throw rocks at polling stations in Indian-administered Kashmir; Army bans three news sources from cantonments after they allege ISI involvement in attempted assassination of TV presenter.

TTP- and government-nominated negotiating committees meet in Islamabad to discuss ceasefire, talks; Gas pipeline destroyed in Balochistan; Body of militant involved in Peshawar attack found wearing military uniform; Defence Ministry requests Geo News be shut down for accusing ISI of involvement in attempt on journalist’s life; Supreme Court may prosecute military personnel in missing persons cases; Supreme Court blocks election of ASWJ leader to parliament.

Kidnapped UNICEF workers freed in Karachi; Militants attack police convoy, kill up to six near Peshawar; Police arrest nine suspected militants from Peshawar hospital; Three killed and 33 injured in Charsadda blast; Exchange of fire between militants and security officers kills two in Karachi; Gunmen kill three in Indian-administered Kashmir; Two injured in Balochistan blast; JuD leader criticizes Indian Prime Ministerial candidate for encouraging Pakistani Hindus to migrate to India; Prime Minister plans to ask Iran to waive financial penalty for IP pipeline; Pakistan successfully tests short-range ballistic missile; ISI Director General meets Chief of the Army Staff to discuss security in Pakistan.

Meeting between Interior Minister and TTP negotiators canceled; JI Chief calls for TTP to announce permanent ceasefire; TTP intermediary claims TTP, government have made progress in peace talks; National Security Committee decides to explore “other options” to address militancy; Journalist injured in Karachi attack, family blames ISI; Policeman killed in Quetta violence; Frontier Corps kill three alleged militants in Balochistan; One killed in Balochistan landmine blast; Gas pipeline blown up in Balochistan; Six people with ties to Lashkar-e-Jhangvi arrested in Islamabad; Two UNICEF employees disappear in Karachi; Gunmen kidnap three from house of deceased ANP leader; Bomb explosion injures three in Chaman; Musharraf will not appear in court hearings; China and Pakistan begin two-week long joint military exercise in Rawalpindi.

TTP spokesman says TTP will not attack public places; Ceasefire can be extended if government addresses TTP’s demands; TTP-nominated and government-nominated negotiating committees will meet on Saturday to discuss next steps in peace process; Blast at Frontier Corps camp in Landi Kotal; Militants attack security forces’ vehicle near Peshawar, killing one; Gunmen in Peshawar kill one security force member, injure two; Bomb defused near Pakistan Air Force installation in Peshawar; Islamabad madrassa names its library after Osama bin Laden; Gunmen kill village leader in Indian-administered Kashmir; Cabinet ministers approve import of LNG, electricity; PPP Senator calls on Pakistan to cut ties with Afghan insurgent groups.

TTP announces it will not extend ceasefire, but remains committed to peace talks with the government; Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif: talks with TTP to continue despite absence of ceasefire agreement; TTP negotiating committee will try to convince TTP to extend ceasefire; Head of TTP negotiating committee calls on government, TTP to show restraint; Prime Minister will visit Iran next month; Gunmen in Swat district kill peace committee member; Pakistan’s economic growth slows from 5 to 3.2 percent in second quarter; Army to take over security for polio teams in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

TTP reportedly calls on Mullah Omar to resolve infighting in South Waziristan agency; Mullah Omar wants an end to TTP infighting before Taliban launches spring offensive in Afghanistan; Helicopters fire on militants in North Waziristan agency and Frontier Region Peshawar; Gunmen kill two Punjabis in Quetta; Militants blow up gas pipeline in Sindh; Lashkar-e-Islam threatens Shia neighborhood in Peshawar.

Afghan Taliban spokesman denies reports Mullah Omar distributed pamphlets encouraging feuding TTP factions to resolve their differences; Spokesman for Commander Sheheryar faction of the TTP accuses Khan Said Sajna of power grab in South Waziristan; Documentary claims U.S. Air Force has participated in CIA drone strikes in Pakistan; Orakzai Freedom Movement claims to release all but 10 people kidnapped from Tirah Valley; IED targeting security forces vehicle on way to Miram Shah injures one; Gas pipelines blown up in Sindh and Balochistan; Finance Minister Ishaq Dar seeks “national consensus” on what to do regarding TTP if peace talks fail; 6.7$ billion IMF loan to be repaid through increased tax collection.

TTP shura meets to discuss peace talks, ceasefire, and TTP infighting; Government will consult with army on release of TTP prisoners; Prime Minister approves release of 12 TTP prisoners; Feuding TTP factions reportedly agree to ceasefire, clashes between them kill 6-10; Pakistan to send delegation to Russia next week; Militants kidnap up to 100 in Tirah Valley, Khyber Agency; TTP may use Islamic seminaries to launch attacks against Islamabad if talks fail; Attacks on trains have spiked in last four years; Two policemen and two militants killed in Indian Kashmir; Unknown militants kill five in Darra Adam Khel; Militants fire rockets at NATO convoy in Jamrud, Khyber agency; Militants kill two Shia Hazaras in Quetta; 186 Elite Force Commandos arrive in Islamabad to increase security in the federal capital.

Security agencies suspect TTP involvement in attacks on Islamabad district court complex and fruit market; 10-day TTP ceasefire extension expires, TTP plans to meet on Friday to determine if talks have been productive; Sajna and Hakimullah TTP factions agree to ceasefire on Thursday but clash again on Friday in Shawal, North Waziristan, killing 13; U.S., Pakistan highlight joint plan to expand trade and investment over next five years; Prime Minister meets with Chinese Premier; Pakistan will seek good relations with India regardless of election results; Foreign Office Spokesman says relations with Iran are “good” despite border guards incident; Lahore bomb blast injures 17; Rawalpindi anti-terrorism court grants bail to LeJ leader.