Pakistan Security Brief

Contributors:  Shruti Godbole (current), Gregory Monk (current), Meredith Gallo, Sam Ruben, Ryan Petitt, Karen Schwindt, Rebecca Lindgren, Nathan LowryAdam Tohn, Zeeshan Mithani, Kim Hoffman, Cody Brown, Laila Khan, Christian Conroy, Sarath Ganji, Asmaa Ahmed, Thomas Smith, Christine Johnson, James Marino, Sam Worby, Alex Della Rocchetta, Eric Carrino, Nicholas Patella, David Kahan, Benjamin Schultz, Brian Wolfe, Jonathan Frist, and Reza Jan (current).

Air strikes kill 40 militants in North Waziristan; Concern of increased cooperation between TTP Punjab and Haqqani Network; Update on Karachi naval dockyard attack; PTI leaders says they want honestly negotiated settlement with government; Army chief guaranteed five out of six PTI demands, says Imran Khan; Criminal case registered against Prime Minister Sharif, other federal ministers; Government threatens to clear out PAT, PTI protestors; Hafiz Saeed accused India of “water terrorism.”

TTP Jamatul Ahrar claims attacks, condemns democracy; Two al Qaeda operatives killed earlier this year; TTP threat neutralized, says army spokesman; Militant attack from Afghanistan kills three FC soldiers in Spinwam, North Waziristan; 20 militants killed in Khyber Agency; Anti-Taliban militiaman killed in Swat; IED explodes in Quetta; Shia doctor killed in New Karachi; Head of local Shia organization killed in Hyderabad; PTI protestors and police clash briefly; PTI chief Imran Khan appeals to Supreme Court to intervene; Indian Ministry of External Affairs angry over Pakistan High Commissioner’s remark on JuD chief Hafiz Saeed; Foreign Affairs Ministry spokeswoman rejects allegations of Pakistani involvement in attack on Afghanistan; Pakistan to possibly import LNG from Iran.

PTI, PAT call off talks with the government after workers’ arrests; Opposition parties’ jirga meeting to resolve deadlock; Intelligence agencies warn of terrorist attacks against Khan, Qadri; Kashmiri militants suspends fighting in Kashmir due to flooding; Punjabi Taliban announces cessation of violence in Pakistan, will fight in Afghanistan only; Militants kill three people in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa; IED kills three in Quetta, Balochistan; Two LeT militants killed in Kunar, Afghanistan; Afghan NDS accuses Taliban Quetta Shura of perpetrating Ghazni bombings; Army chief meets U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan; Mehsud TTP faction separates from Fazlullah; Sindh TTP chapter reportedly responsible for Karachi naval dockyard attack; AQIS claims responsibility for two attacks; Ansarul Mujahdeen attacks police station in Hangu, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa; QWP leader killed; 235-km trench completed along Pak-Afghan border; 15 militants killed in helicopter strike in North Waziristan; Militants blow up bridge connecting Peshawar and Bara, Khyber Agency; Intelligence official assassinated in Lahore; Levies official killed in Pishin, Balochistan; Three security forces die in rocket attack in North Waziristan; Two injured in attack on NATO container in Qilla Abdullah, Balochistan; Militants attack police station, killing two and injuring one in Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa; Police arrest two and seize explosives materials in Zhob, Balochistan; Army chief meets ISAF commander; Chinese president “looking forward to Pakistan visit.”

AQIS claims responsibility for Karachi naval yard attack, three naval officials arrested near Quetta in connection with attack; Karachi naval yard attack characterized as intelligence failure; Malala Yousafzai’s attackers arrested; TTP Jamatul Ahrar celebrates 9/11 anniversary; Four militants arrested in Khyber Agency; Militant killed in Peshawar; Assailants fire on train in Balon, Balochistan; ISPR clarifies no military involvement in politics; Two dozen PAT, PTI workers arrested, five to six terrorists present in PTI, PAT sit-ins say intelligence agencies; Chairman of PML-N says talks with PAT, PTI have stalled; Flood alert declared in Multan, Punjab; IMF delays fifth loan tranche of $550 million to Pakistan; “India an important neighbor” says High Commissioner; Pakistani ambassador expresses concern over U.S. drawdown from Afghanistan.

Pakistan Rangers arrest five suspected militants in Karachi; ‘The News’ says al Qaeda still a force to reckon with, warns of “Pakistanization of al Qaeda;” Pakistani militants claim Asim Umar was a member of HuM and highly respected by local and foreign militants; PTI agrees to negotiate on five of six demands; Leader of Opposition asks army chief to rebuke attempts to draw army into political crisis; Political crisis will not affect nuclear realm, says report to U.S. Congress; Indian and Pakistani prime ministers not to meet on sidelines of UNGA; Foreign Office denies Indian charges that spy arrested in Sri Lanka was working for Pakistan; NCTC claims TTP still a major threat to Pakistan.

AQIS clarifies it will operate across entire Indian subcontinent; New details on leader of AQIS; 35 militants killed, three hideouts destroyed in Datta Khel, North Waziristan; 30 militants killed, two hideouts destroyed in Shawal Valley, North Waziristan; Cleric gunned down in Karachi, Army chief and air marshal meet to recommit to campaign in North Waziristan; Defense minister claims inside job in attack on naval dockyard in Karachi; One killed in attack on Polio workers in Bajaur Agency; Government concludes talks with PAT; PML-N claims PAT, PTI protests violate Constitution; Prime Minister Sharif’s ouster could trigger sanctions by U.S.

AQAP praises AQIS; six militants killed in North Waziristan; TTP responsible for attack on naval dockyard, Karachi; Al Qaeda leader Umer Talib allegedly killed in drone attack; TTP bombs girls’ school in Bajaur; Pakistani military airstrikes kill 10 militants; PPP leader proposes civil-military dialogue; Protestors allegedly paid by PAT to protest; IDPs demand end to Operation Zarb-e-Azb; Jamaat-ud-Dawa leader accuses India of causing floods.

Progress in talks with PTI and PAT; PAT and PTI shift sit-in camps; Interior minister and senior opposition leader in war of words amid political turmoil; Geo News headquarters attacked by PAT and PTI workers; Army chief visits troops in North Waziristan on Defense Day; Punjabi Taliban declares operational shift to Afghanistan; Militants kill senior intelligence officer in Sargodha, Punjab; Helicopter gunship strike kills 10 militants in North Waziristan; Iran arrests Pakistani and Afghan nationals attempting to join IS; Three TTP militants killed in Karachi; Three militants from Afghanistan killed; Anti-Taliban militias kill two and injure five in Khyber Agency; Two killed in explosions in Bajaur Agency; IED injures up to three in Darsamand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; Militants blow up gas pipeline in Dera Bugti, Balochistan; India, Pakistan offer each other flood relief; Afghan governor accuses Pakistan Army of firing rockets into Kunar; ISI allegedly involved in sending explosives-laden truck to Kabul; Hackers continue to target government websites.

Interior Minister accuses PPP leader of being land mafia facilitator, PPP member responds angrily, Prime Minister Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Sharif apologize to PPP for remarks; PTI, government agree on broad electoral reforms; PTI, PAT continue protests despite heavy rains; U.S. supports Prime Minister Sharif as leader of Pakistan; PTI leadership committee expresses confidence in Imran khan; TTP Punjab says it will operate exclusively in Afghanistan; TTP splinter group Jamatul Ahrar welcomes new al Qaeda branch, admits to merger with Ahrarul Hind; Police arrest militant in raid in Swat; IED blast injures three in Peshawar.

PTI chief Imran Khan asks PTI parliamentarians to return to Parliament; PAT chief Tahirul Qadri asks supporters to vacate Parliament lawns; PTI claims government accepts all its demands except that regarding Prime Minister Sharif’s resignation; PTI submits eight-page proposal to government; PAT opposes Supreme Court intervention in political crisis; PTI leader slams PILDAT survey; Government minister refutes rigging allegations in parliament; PAT chief Qadri denies storming PTV headquarters, Parliament; Punjab Chief Minister Sharif meets army chief; Chinese Premier’s visit to Pakistan postponed; 10,000 police personnel protecting “VIPs;” TTP expels TTP Mohmand commander Omar Khalid Khorasani; A TTP Jamatul Ahrar administratively separate from TTP, says Jamatul Ahrar spokesman; al Qaeda announces creation of new branch, ‘Qaidat-al-Jihad in the Indian subcontinent,’ Indian states on high alert; Jamatul Ahrar aware of ISIS pamphlets; Pakistani Foreign Office denies it; Former TTP spokesman alleges only 25-30 militants killed in Operation Zarb-e-Azb ; Two militants killed in Bezot, Kohat; Militancy in Khyber Agency kills 30 in August; UN to discuss Pakistani shelling into Afghanistan; IDPs from Khyber Agency protest in Peshawar.