Daily News Briefs

Daily data on security, political, and economic trends in Critical Threats' focus areas.

  1. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - December 19, 2014

    Yemen: Ansar al Sharia detonates two SVBIEDs targeting al Houthis in al Hudaydah; unidentified assailants attack Special Security Forces in Aden; AQAP detonate IED targeting military in Hadramawt. Horn of Africa: Kenyan president signs anti-terror bill into law; Finnish authorities sentence four men to jail for financing al Shabaab.

  2. Iran News Roundup

    Iran News Round Up - December 19, 2014

    Conference held on negotiations; Defense Minister asserts missiles are off the negotiating table; IRGC Brig. Gen. states media’s mission is to show the people’s steadfastness against the West; Senate torture report exposes hypocrisy of US leaders; Parliament Speaker to visit Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon next week.

  3. Pakistan Security Brief

    Pakistan Security Brief - December 19, 2014

    TTP Jamaatul Ahrar spokesperson, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi commander condemn Peshawar school attack; Peshawar school attack mastermind vows to target more schools, civilians; Peshawar school attack a “game-changer,” says Prime Minister’s national security advisor; Army tells ISAF to target TTP chief in Afghanistan; Case registered against Lal Masjid’s chief cleric; Drone strike kills eight militants in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan; Pakistani military airstrikes kill 20 militants, including Uzbek commander, in Khyber Agency; 32 militants killed in clashes with army in Khyber Agency; Security forces kill 12 militants in a raid in Khyber Agency; Security forces kill ten militants in Bajaur Agency; Security forces kill eight militants in a search operation in Balochistan; Rangers kill four TTP militants in a raid in Karachi; Security forces arrest four militants in Quetta; Unknown gunman injures two policemen in Peshawar; Police kill two TTP militants in Gujrat; Prime Minister, army chief resolve to eradicate terrorism; Supreme Court Chief Justice to expedite terrorism-related trials; Parliamentary committee to formulate “national action plan”; Interior Ministry requests counter-terrorism assistance from U.S.; PTI, government optimistic about the resolution of disputes; Army chief approves execution of six terrorists, two terrorists executed; Government detains 2008 Mumbai terror attack mastermind; India seeks establishment of Indian consulate in Afghanistan’s Nagarhar province.

  4. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - December 18, 2014

    Yemen: Parliament gives vote of confidence in newly-appointed cabinet; Fifth Military District head survives assassination attempt; AQAP detonates targeting military patrol in Shibam, eastern Yemen. Horn of Africa: Somali National Army (SNA) and AMISOM forces arrest suspected al Shabaab militants in Bay region; FBI sentences US citizen for financing al Shabaab.

  5. Pakistan Security Brief

    Pakistan Security Brief - December 18, 2014

    Afghan President, ISAF commander assure Army chief support in combatting terrorists; Security forces identify militants involved in Peshawar attack, register cases against 16 top TTP commanders; U.S. willing to assist Pakistan in the wake of Peshawar attack, says Pentagon spokesperson; PTI chief announces end to country-wide protests in the wake of Peshawar attack; President Mamnoon Hussain rejects 17 mercy appeals for death penalty convicts; Pakistan military airstrikes kill 57 militants; Five TTP militants killed in Karachi raid; IED kills three FC personnel in Bajaur Agency; Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Inspector General warns of potential jailbreaks by militants; Anti-terrorism court grants bail to alleged mastermind of Mumbai 2008 terror attacks, India reacts strongly; IMF approves disbursement of $1.1 billion loan to Pakistan.

  6. Iran News Roundup

    Iran News Round Up - December 18, 2014

    Teaser: President calls for improved Tehran-Ankara relations; multi-service exercises to take place I the Persian Gulf next week; Chief of Staff of the Office of the Supreme Leader highlights Iran’s conventional military power; Velayati calls Sydney hostage-taking incident a vulgar plan to gain intelligence; Turkish president to visit Tehran next month.

  7. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - December 17, 2014

    Yemen: Al Houthis close second largest port in Yemen; AQAP detonates VBIED targeting soldiers in Sayun; al Houthis take over state-owned newspaper in Yemen. Horn of Africa: Somalia announces new prime minister; Kenyan security forces arrested al Shabaab militants in Kenya’s Eastern Province; Kenyan authorities place bounty on al Shabaab suspects.

  8. Pakistan Security Brief

    Pakistan Security Brief - December 17, 2014

    TTP spokesperson issues statement explaining motivations for Peshawar school attack; Army chief visits Kabul seeking extradition of TTP chief; Prime Minister Sharif declares no discrimination between good, bad Taliban in fight against terrorism; Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reinstates death penalty in terrorism cases; Army spokesperson addresses press conference on Peshawar school attack; Indian lawmakers, schools express solidarity with Peshawar school attack victims; Emirates suspends flights to Peshawar until further notice; Drone strike kills four TTP members, seven others in Nangarhar, Afghanistan; Pakistan military airstrikes kill 22 militants in Tirah Valley, Khyber Agency; 18 Taliban fighters, five Afghan soldiers killed in offensive in Kunar province, Afghanistan.

  9. Iran News Roundup

    Iran News Round Up - December 17, 2014

    President Rouhani praises Syria for fighting “foreign conspiracies” and terrorism; AFGS Headquarters Chief points to Saudi Arabia’s increased oil production as an attempt to financially pressure Iran in the anti-ISIL fight; Parliament Speaker censures US-led coalition against ISIL; Judiciary Head calls on US to act in according with international law regarding Senate CIA torture report

  10. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - December 16, 2014

    Yemen: Al Houthi leader demands al Houthis be put in charge of targeting corruption; AQAP detonate two VBIEDs in al Bayda targeting al Houthis; al Houthis occupy Ministry of Defense in Sana’a. Horn of Africa: Suspected al Shabaab militants detonate IED targeting a Somali military convoy in Lower Shabelle region; Kenyan authorities shut downs NGOs with links to al Shabaab; Somali National Army (SNA) forces seize territory from regional militants in Galgudud region.