Daily News Briefs

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Daily data on security, political, and economic trends in Critical Threats' focus areas.

  1. Iran News Roundup

    Iran News Round Up - May 6, 2016

    A National Iranian Oil Company official claimed that Iran’s current daily oil production has reached a level that Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh previously deemed appropriate for an oil freeze.

  2. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - May 6, 2016

    Yemen: U.S. special operations forces in Yemen to advise Emirati and Yemeni troops against AQAP; militants detonate an IED in Ma’rib city; former Yemeni vice president meets with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Horn of Africa: NISA forces arrest two suspected al Shabaab members in Waberi District, Mogadishu; al Shabaab attacks AMISOM positions in Bardhere, Gedo region; Kenyan Government announces plans to close refugee camps.

  3. Iran News Roundup

    Iran News Round Up - May 5, 2016

    Iranian media reported the deaths of two IRGC soldiers who died in clashes, allegedly with Kurdish insurgents, in northwestern Iran.

  4. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - May 5, 2016

    Yemen: AQAP begins withdrawal from Zinjibar, Abyan; Kuwait delegations to form three joint committees; al Houthi-Saleh forces briefly detain 11 UN employees in Ibb; Saudi-led coalition launches airstrikes on al Houthi-Saleh targets in Sirwah, Ma’rib. Horn of Africa: ISIS claims attack on NISA officers in Daynile District, Mogadishu; former Puntland intelligence official claims ISIS cell in Puntland receives support from ISIS in Yemen; SNA and AMISOM forces secure villages in Galgudud region; al Shabaab releases monthly news report.

  5. Iran News Roundup

    Iran News Round Up - May 4, 2016

    A Foreign Ministry official voiced Iran’s support for Russia’s call to designate Syrian opposition groups Ahrar al Sham and Jaysh al Islam as terrorist organizations.

  6. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - May 4, 2016

    Yemen: UN-led direct talks resume in Kuwait; UN Secretary-General welcomes the launch of the UN Verification and Inspection Mechanism in Djibouti; Yemeni government forces give AQAP a week to withdraw from Zinjibar, Abyan. Horn of Africa: Kenyan and Ugandan security services foil ISIS-linked plot in East Africa; al Shabaab replaces Lower Shabelle regional governor for clan favoritism; al Shabaab detonates IED in Afgoi, Lower Shabelle region.

  7. Iran News Roundup

    Iran News Round Up - May 3, 2016

    President Hassan Rouhani called for greater freedom of expression in a speech marking World Press Freedom Day.

  8. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - May 3, 2016

    Yemen: International officials attempt to restart Kuwait talks; AQAP reportedly agrees to begin withdrawal from Zinjibar under pressure from local mediators; Iranian Embassy in Kuwait denies assisting al Houthi-GPC delegation. Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab militants shell Halane Training Facility in Waberi district, Mogadishu; SNA special operations forces raid rumored pro-ISIS training camp near Janale, Lower Shabelle; al Shabaab militants target AMISOM convoy with IED in Heliwa district, Mogadishu.

  9. Iran News Roundup

    Iran News Round Up - May 2, 2016

    Reformists and moderates fell short of winning a majority in Parliament after the April 29 runoff elections. Their plurality in Parliament nonetheless ensures that President Hassan Rouhani will face a friendlier parliament in the run-up to the 2017 presidential elections.

  10. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - May 2, 2016

    Yemen: Yemeni government delegation suspends Kuwait talks over seizure of military base northwest of Sana’a; militants target Aden officials in SVBIED attack; AQAP releases statement on withdrawal from al Mukalla; Saudi Arabia releases 40 al Houthi prisoners; coalition-backed forces seize AQAP camp in Wadi Hadramawt. Horn of Africa: Al Shabaab launches complex attack on SNA military base in Runirgood, Middle Shabelle region; al Shabaab detonates IED in Qoryoley, Lower Shabelle district; suspected al Shabaab militants throw grenades at AMISOM base in Marka, Lower Shabelle region; British soldiers deploy to Somalia to train and advise AMISOM.