Daily News Briefs

Daily data on security, political, and economic trends in Critical Threats' focus areas.

  1. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - September 2, 2014

    Yemen: Ansar al Sharia launches simultaneous operations in Shabwah and Hadramawt; Yemeni government releases recommendations for ending political crisis; al Houthi official comments on new presidential initiative; al Houthis demonstrate in Sana’a; AQAP religious judge releases five-step strategy for defeating al Houthis in Yemen; AQAP releases videos depicting operations against the Yemeni military in Hadramawt; Yemeni military clashes with Ansar al Sharia and AQAP militants in Hadramawt; Ansar al Sharia militants assassinate Yemeni military officer in Lahij; Ansar al Sharia militants dump the bodies of alleged spies in Hadramawt; Yemeni military bombs AQAP camps in Abyan and Hadramawt; Yemeni military raids suspected Ansar al Sharia safe house in Hadramawt; suspected AQAP militants open fire on local officials and Yemeni military soldiers in Lahij and Abyan; Yemeni military clashes with al Houthis in al Jawf; al Islah Party tribesmen clash with al Houthi militants and both groups set up checkpoints in Dhamar and Taiz; alleged Southern Yemeni militant group claims credit for IED explosion in Hadramawt; Southern Hirak movement protestors demonstrate in Aden and Hadramawt. Horn of Africa: U.S. military forces conduct operation against al Shabaab in Lower Shabelle region; al Shabaab militants conduct complex attack on Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency compound in Mogadishu; AMISOM and Somali National Army forces seize territory in Bakool, Hiraan, Lower Shabelle, and Middle Shabelle regions from al Shabaab; suspected al Shabaab militants attack Kenyan police camp in Kenya’s North Eastern Province.

  2. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - August 29, 2014

    Yemen: AQAP religious judge comments on recent al Houthi events in Sana’a; UN Security Council condemns al Houthi military actions; presidential committee issues statement calling for Yemeni citizens to demonstrate throughout Yemen; unidentified gunmen detonate VBIED at Yemeni military checkpoint in Hadramawt. Horn of Africa: AMISOM and Somali National Army forces seize territory from al Shabaab in Hiraan region; Somaliland security forces clash with Khatumo administration militiamen in Sool region.

  3. Pakistan Security Brief

    Pakistan Security Brief - August 29, 2014

    Army chief asked to mediate political crisis, controversy over who made the request; Army chief reportedly assures PTI of unbiased judicial; Army chief expected to meet Prime Minister Sharif; PAT chief Tahirul Qadri rejects criminal case filed by government on its behalf, demands re-registration; Government-led joint talks with PAT and PTI end in deadlock again; Police intercept truck carrying nonlethal weapons to PAT protestors; Two-thirds of respondents polled do not support demand for Prime Minister Sharif’s resignation; Army chief attends joint Sino-Pak military exercise; Militants kill three civilians in Quetta, Balochistan; Security forces recover kidnapped academic from North Waziristan; Jamatul Ahrar IED attack injures four security officials in Baizai, Mohmand Agency; Indian Foreign Ministry signals willingness to reopen bilateral dialogue regarding Kashmir; Afghan border police detains 27 Pakistanis in Paktika; State Bank of Pakistan confirms receipt of $371.4 million from U.S. under CSF program.

  4. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - August 28, 2014

    Yemen: Ansar al Sharia issues a statement claiming credit for an alleged IED explosion in Sana’a; Yemeni president meets with GPC General Committee in Sana’a; Yemeni citizens participate in separate demonstrations in Aden; al Houthi militants establish new camps in Sana’a; al Islah Party tribesmen clash with al Houthi militants in al Jawf. Horn of Africa: al Shabaab releases video encouraging Muslims throughout the world to participate in jihad; al Shabaab militants withdraw from towns in Hiraan region; Somali security forces conduct security operations in Lower Jubba and Middle Shabelle regions.

  5. Pakistan Security Brief

    Pakistan Security Brief - August 28, 2014

    PAT leader Tahirul Qadri and PTI leader Imran Khan suspend dialogue with government; Qadri declares August 28 day of revolution if demands not met; Imran Khan; Government accepts most PTI demands, but refuses to accede to demand for Prime Minister’s resignation; Islamabad police chief bars use of force against protestors; Election Commission refutes rigging allegations; Report claims army and government close to deal on power sharing in exchange for defusing political crisis; Punjab police register murder case against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Punjab Minister Shahbaz Sharif and 19 others; TTP commander killed in encounter in Dera Ismail Khan; IED blast injures two security personnel in Mohmand; Militants attack three oil tankers in Mastung, Balochistan; Three injured in militant attack in Harnai, Balochistan; U.S. sanctions LeT financier; U.S. repatriates nine prisoners from Afghanistan to Pakistan; Fresh firing across Indo-Pak border following de-escalation talks; UN calls for peaceful resolution of Indo-Pak dispute; North Waziristan IDPs demand repatriation by August 30.

  6. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - August 27, 2014

    Yemen: Yemeni president meets with presidential committee to discuss the Yemeni government’s response to ongoing al Houthi protests; Yemeni military clashes with al Houthi militants in al Jawf; al Houthi militants kidnap university professor and local news photographer in Amran; AQAP militants clash with al Houthi militants in al Bayda; Yemeni military clashes with suspected AQAP militants in Hadramawt; suspected AQAP militants clash with Yemeni military in Abyan. Horn of Africa: AMISOM and Somali National Army posture for continued offensive against al Shabaab in southern and central Somalia; Somaliland security forces seize disputed territory in Sool region; suspected clan militia raids village in Kenya’s North Eastern Province; unidentified gunmen target senior police official in Kenya’s Coast Province.

  7. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - August 26, 2014

    Yemen: Abdul Malik al Houthi issues new demands to President Hadi; Yemeni government holds emergency meetings to discuss al Houthi negotiations; Al Houthi militants kidnap Yemeni soldiers in Sana’a; Ansar al Sharia releases statement about killing a spy; unidentified militants attack the 33rd Armored Brigade in Dhaleh; unidentified militants kill senior security official in Dhamar; unidentified tribal militants sabotage oil pipeline in Ma’rib. Horn of Africa: Somali security forces violently disperse demonstrators in Bay region; Somali National Army military court sentences two suspected al Shabaab militants in Mogadishu; unidentified assailants attack airport in Mudug region; Kenyan Defense Forces conduct security operation in Kenya’s North Eastern Province.

  8. Pakistan Security Brief

    Pakistan Security Brief - August 26, 2014

    Supreme Court orders PTI and PAT protestors to evacuate Constitution Avenue, protestors refuse to shift to alternate locations; PAT evacuates part of roadway; PAT chief Tahirul Qadri issues 48-hour deadline for Prime Minister Sharif to resign; Lawmakers request House Speaker not to accept PTI members’ resignations; PAT and PTI workers attack Geo News cameraman; Prime Minister Sharif and army chief Sharif meet to discuss political and security situation; Former President Zardari accelerates efforts to end political impasse; Former U.S. Ambassador Munter hints at U.S. sanctions in case of army coup in Pakistan; New TTP splinter group ‘TTP Jamatul Ahrar’ announces its formation; Khyber administration makes list of 70 wanted militants public; Bomb blast at Sufi shrine in Balochistan injures one; Indo-Pak water talks fail, Pakistan to appeal to ICJ; Senior Indian politician threatens retaliation against Pakistani shelling; U.S. contributes $6 million for IDPs.

  9. Gulf of Aden Security Review

    Gulf of Aden Security Review - August 25, 2014

    Yemen: al Houthi movement publishes a statement addressing recent negotiations with the Yemeni Presidential Commission; anti-Houthi protestors demonstrate in Sana’a; al Houthi militants clash with al Islah tribesmen and Yemeni military in al Jawf; Ansar al Sharia militants detonate car bomb in Aden; Ansar al Sharia militants ambush Yemeni military patrol in Hadramawt; Ansar al Sharia militants assassinate local trader in Hadramawt; Yemeni airplanes bomb suspected AQAP house in Hadramawt; suspected AQAP militants attack government official’s home in Dhamar; al Houthi militants relocate forces from al Jawf and Ma’rib to Sa’ada; Yemeni military chief of staff meets with U.S. military delegation. Horn of Africa: AMISOM and Somali National Army forces seize key town in Bakool region from al Shabaab; al Shabaab militants clash with armed qat traders in Hiraan region; unidentified gunmen kill two Puntland police officers in Bari region; rival Somali clan militias clash in Kenya’s North Eastern Province.

  10. Pakistan Security Brief

    Pakistan Security Brief - August 25, 2014

    PTI and government continue dialogue, PTI proposes prime minister resign for 30 days, government refuses; Imran Khan threatens nationwide strike if demands not met; Former election commission official alleges May 2013 polls were rigged ; Government doubles security in Red Zone; Former President Zardari expresses support for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif; PML-N and allied parties stage country-wide protests in show of solidarity with government; Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif denies resignation rumors; Indian, Pakistani border forces trade fire near Sialkot, four civilians killed; Hand grenade attack kills one and injures 16 in Quetta; Two killed in attack on NATO oil tanker in Khyber; Two Christians injured in South Waziristan blast; Eight militants killed in clashes Orakzai Agency clashes; IED kills militant commander in Khyber Agency; Bomb on train injures three in Sibi, Balochistan; Frontier Corps kill 16 militants in Turbat, Balochistan; Former spokesman for Lashkar-e-Islam (LI) found dead in Khyber; Three Swat militants die in security forces’ custody in Kohat; LI executes tribesman for spying; Former President Musharraf asks for delay in treason trial against him; Five army three-star general set to retire; Rupee continues to depreciate.