Iran News Round Up October 5, 2012

A selection of the latest news stories and editorials published in Iranian news outlets, compiled by Ali Alfoneh and Ahmad Majidyar. To receive this daily newsletter, please subscribe online.

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  • Friday prayer leaders comment on the foreign currency crisis:
    • Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, temporary Tehran Friday prayer leader:
      • "The circumstances in the country are normal and there is no crisis. We do have problems, and will also have them in the future. But there is no crisis... If you are looking for crisis-ridden countries, take a look at those very countries which sanctioned Iran. Just take a look at the enormous economic and social problems they are facing. Take a look at the United States, where the number of the poor exceeds the entire population of our country. This is not just propaganda; it is based on statistics they themselves release... What the Global Arrogance tried to achieve during the eight years war [with Iraq, 1980-1988], they want to achieve in the 'Imposed Economic war...' The people resisted in that war, and would constantly say 'we will not capitulate.' We are experiencing something similar. Today, the people will tolerate this pressure believing in divine promises. The nation has demonstrated that it will not tire under pressure and has experienced harsh conditions... While some of the pressure is due to sanctions, we must not ignore other dimensions... Bad policies are also to blame."
      • "In circumstances when the enemy has targeted our country's economy, disturbing the country equals aiding the enemy."
    • Ayatollah Ahmad Alam al-Hoda, Mashhad Friday prayer leader: "From you authorities, the people demand a life and [the right to practice] their religion, which is their right... One must deal decisively with the profiteers who hoard the products."
    • Ayatollah Mohsen Mojtahed Shabestari, Tabriz Friday prayer leader: "Manipulating the foreign exchange rate in order to balance the [budget] deficit created by the cash handout is neither constructive nor logical. The government should show its abilities in the currency issue."
    • Hojjat al-Eslam Mohammad Hosseini, Ardakan Friday prayer leader: "The executive branch of the country is in the hands of the president and the cabinet, and it is also the government which is responsible for the rising prices and the economic chaos in the country... Now, the government must attend to the economic woes of the people."
  • [E] Ahmadinejad praised the successful performance of the Iranian Oil and Economy Ministries as well as the Central Bank in defending the country against the enemies' economic war.



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